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Post author: Adam VanBuskirk
Adam VanBuskirk
10/22/21 in
Founders Journal

Also welcome to our very first blog post!

It’s almost 8pm Friday evening and I’ve just finished the bare bones version of our new blog. We will use our blog to keep everyone up-to-date regarding our new product and SaaS WordBot.io as well as to post interesting, informative content.

Wordbot.io is a 1 month old AI article spinning and rewriting tool. Because we’re only one month old, we have lots and lots of development to do. Really, development never ends. We will continuously improve our product and add features. We look forward to our journey and most importantly listening to our early customers so we can create a great product that delivers on value.

Along those lines, we did get accepted and approved to use GPT-3 which stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 and is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. It is the third-generation language prediction model in the GPT-n series created by OpenAI, a San Francisco-based artificial intelligence research laboratory.

We haven’t implemented GPT-3 into our product yet, but plan to in the coming months as we transform our MVP product into a full-fledged AI spinning and rewriting tool that will be best in market. Kevin Sims (co-founder of Wordbot) is learning model building as we speak so stay tuned.

Next up for me will be launching our new editor (hopefully this coming Sunday). The new editor is really nice, but literally version 1. After launching it, I plan to start development on the first of many improvements and features that will be coming to the new editor.

Until next time, take care and wherever you are enjoy your weekend!


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