SEO Insights – How to remove a keyword from the Keyword Heatmap

When viewing the keyword competitor analysis heatmap in the SEO Insights Tool, you may see keywords that you don’t find relevant to your SEO analysis, yet are found across your article and your competitors’ articles. When this happens, simply click the trashcan beside the keyword to remove it from the heatmap. The keyword will no... Read More

How to summarize an article using wordbot

Do you have a lot of text you dont have the time to read through? Well this video will show you how to summarize an article really fast using ai. If you need to summarize other large bodies of text get 2k free words per month to try this out when you signup at: Read More

How to generate an article using wordbot’s article generator

Do you need help creating a 1000+. word blog article. This video goes over how Wordbot can help you generate an amazing blog article that improves search results. Signup at and test it out for yourself with our 2k words per month free plan. Signup today and get 50% off your subscription at Read More


January 2023 Software Release Notes

Below are the official January 2023 release notes for . January saw a whopping 71 hours of development put into wordbot. Not bad for a boot-strapped startup with two guys working full time on other things. Most importantly in January was the total revamp of our site regarding our suite of AI tools and... Read More

December 2022 Software Release Notes

Below are the official December 2022 release notes for . In December, we finished and launched our new SEO Insights Tool. I wrote a large writeup about its initial functionality which can be found here. Since that article was published just a few days ago, we’ve already made several enhancements like pulling your article... Read More

November 2022 Software Release Notes

Below are the official November 2022 release notes for . It’s November 25th and I hope everyone in the United States were able to gather together with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. There’s nothing more precious than those we love. On the wordbot front, we put in over 40 hours of development work... Read More


How to use’s Article Spinner Tool

At the time of this writing in Fall 2021, had been live for exactly 2 weeks. Prior to launch, we were in development for only 1 month. Today, we offer an Article Summarizing Tool, an Article Paraphraser (Article Spinner) Tool, ai article spinner tool and many more SEO and ai content creation tools. In... Read More

8 Best Websites that Rewrite Sentences

If you are into content writing, there will be many instances when you have to rewrite sentences. This rewriting part can get tricky at times, and you may end up losing more time thinking about the different rewrite variations. One of the best ways to deal with this situation is to use a website that... Read More

Rewrite Sentence Generator –┬áDo You Really Need One?

How often do you rewrite a sentence? If you are into content writing, then you will be doing it daily. Have you ever felt that you are losing some extra time by rewriting a sentence? If you feel so, you must consider using a rewrite sentence generator next time. It will help you save some... Read More