How to create twitter ads using AI | Wordbot

There are a few different ways on how to create Twitter ads, but the most common way is to create an ad campaign. You can create a campaign and target a specific audience, or you can create a campaign and target a geographic area. Once you have created your campaign, you will need to create... Read More

How to generate a paragraph using the wordbot paragraph generator

There are a few ways to generate a paragraph using AI. One way is to use natural language processing like wordbot to generate a paragraph that reflects the user’s thoughts and feelings. This is a popular method because it is difficult at times to generate a paragraph that puts enough detail into the paragraph for... Read More

How To Turn Off The Word Stats Feature In The Editor

The Word Stats feature for wordbot’s editor is on by default when you create an account. When working in the editor, you will see the Pages, Paragraphs, Words, Characters, and Characters With No Spaces counts for your content. These display in the top right corner of the editor and update as you work. If you... Read More


September 2022 Software Release Notes

Below are the official September 2022 release notes for . We had another busy sprint in September. Among the new features introduced in September; you can now easily fix grammar and spelling mistakes in existing content, generate new content from within the text editor, and view and work with your paragraph generation history. What’s... Read More

August 2022 Software Release Notes

Below are the official August 2022 release notes for . August was’s first month with our new pricing structure which includes a Freemium tier to explore the software as well as four price plans with various word limitations. To celebrate our 1 month anniversary of this new subscription structure, we analyzed our pricing... Read More

July 2022 Software Release Notes

Below are the official July 2022 release notes for . We put a lot of work into wordbot in July. As you’ll see below, we added a number of new Creator features and launched a Freemium user tier with easy upgrade to different usage limits. With our new pricing model and no credit card... Read More


8 Best Websites that Rewrite Sentences

If you are into content writing, there will be many instances when you have to rewrite sentences. This rewriting part can get tricky at times, and you may end up losing more time thinking about the different rewrite variations. One of the best ways to deal with this situation is to use a website that... Read More

Rewrite Sentence Generator – Do You Really Need One?

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9 Advantages of a Rewriting Article Tool

Does your work involve rewriting articles? If yes, how much time do you take to rewrite a 1000 words article? It will be around 1 to 2 hours. What if I say you can rewrite this article in a few seconds? Yes, it is possible to rewrite an article instantly by using the service of... Read More