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Adam VanBuskirk
2/25/23 in
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I forget the exact date and lazily don’t want to look it up, but I believe we launched our SEO Insights Tool sometime in December 2022. What a game changer it has been for us already. That’s right, we use our own tool. And not only do we use it, its design and features come directly from our own challenges of bootstrapping a SaaS using content marketing, i.e. this blog.

Our blog has been around for basically one year. If I look back to February 25th, 2022 I see we had 125 impressions, 4 clicks, and a ranking of 47.3. If I look at February 23rd, 2023, which is the last day we have Google Search Console data for, we had 25,021 impressions, 227 clicks, and a ranking of 13.3. These numbers are awesome, but don’t tell the entire story. If we look back just 2 months at December 23rd, 2022 we had 2,453 impressions, 56 clicks, and a ranking of 36.6.

We haven’t increased the amount of articles we write compared to early 2022. Quite the opposite, we wrote more content in early 2022 then late 2022 because we’ve been busy building our AI and SEO software tools, including trial and error, pivoting multiple times, many wins and losses, etc.

The reason for the super-charged growth since December is from us using our SEO Insights Tool to find better keywords and create better content than our competitors.

Let’s look at our domain’s traffic growth (which includes our SaaS and blog) before we used the SEO Insights Tool and then after we started using it. The ranking improvements are almost unbelievable, but the below Google Search Console chart doesn’t lie and neither do I.

Wordbot search console chart February 23rd 2023

Again, I want to reiterate if you browse our blog, you will see many articles from early 2022. These ranking and traffic improvements have nothing to do with article volume, new articles, etc. In fact, most of our new traffic growth is from older articles that we optimized using our new SEO Insights Tool as we designed and tested it.

Pre SEO Insights Tool Traffic Growth

For this range, we’ll use February 25th, 2022 to December 23rd, 2022.

Impression Growth: 125 to 2,453, = 1,862%

Click Growth: 4 to 56 = 1,300%

Ranking Growth: 47.3 to 36.6 = 22.6%

Post SEO Insights Tool Traffic Growth

For this range, we’ll use December 23rd, 2022 to February 23rd, 2023.

Impression Growth: 2,453 to 25,021 = 920%

Click Growth: 56 to 227 = 305%

Ranking Growth: 36.6 to 13.3 = 63.66%

The Google Ranking Growth, Damn!

The above numbers are very telling, but the most telling and really only metric that matters is the concrete ranking improvements of our content, which in turn generates WAY MORE impressions and clicks to our websites. And what an improvement! Since using our SEO Insights Tool, we have improved our average Google Search Position 23.3 positions from 36.6 to 13.3!

Let that sink in

We increased our average SERP ranking just 10.7 spots in 10 months, or just over 1 spot per month. But after we started using our SEO Insights Tool, in just 2 months we increased our average SERP ranking 23.3 spots, or almost 12 SPOTS PER MONTH. We went from showing up on average probably toward the bottom of page 4 in the SERPs to on average now showing up at the top of page 2.

Our SEO Insights Tool, 2023 and Beyond

For the remainder of 2023, I predict we see our content ranking continue to improve, traffic to keep going parabolic both in clicks and impressions, and more and more signups, customers, and traction on our SEO Insights Tool because folks, it works!

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