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Post author: Adam VanBuskirk
Adam VanBuskirk
3/25/23 in
Founders Journal

This morning we decided to end our product, which offered an AI article rewriter, article creation, and several other tools. It also had an SEO Keyword research product named SEO Insights. We decided to end the SaaS products for three reasons.


The release of ChatGPT provided a free tool for rewriting and generating articles. That product is obviously far superior to ours. We could have implemented GPT-4 into wordbot which we strongly considered, but still we would be competing with OpenAI’s tool which makes no business sense. We want our users and customers to get the best quality articles and simply put, that can’t come from us but rather should come from ChatGPT. This made our decision to end the AI product really easy.

The Unknown Future of SEO

Our SEO tool was gaining traction and I personally love using it because it works, err worked. But I also personally am not sure about the future of search engines and the SEO industry as a whole and especially unsure about whether keyword research will have an impact on future rankings as search engines either disappear or stay around but use completely different ranking mechanisms.

I still think using keywords appropriately will always be important, but just can’t bank my time on it and continue working on a tool that exists in a very mature industry that quite frankly may collapse doesn’t make sense.

Our Blog is Gaining a Lot of Viewership

We’ve been developing wordbot for over a year now and trying to find product market fit. We’ve pivoted numerous times, offered numerous pricing models including freemium, and had some good wins, but oddly enough we found product market fit in this blog. It turns out the most successful thing we did was start writing. This blog continues to gain a lot of new viewers each week.

So we made the decision to end the SaaS products which weren’t working, yet requiring most of our time, and go 100% into creating great content on our blog. Content that will help others go down their AI, SEO, and entrepreneurship path. Hopefully we can help them be successful by sharing what we know.

We’re keeping the domain name and as mentioned we’re going to continue to grow So stay tuned, I feel like a SaaS resurrection will happen with a new, useful product at some point.

Here’s to celebrating another tough failure, but looking forward to our next.

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