2021 in Review: Wordbot.io AI plans for 2022

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2021 was a busy year in the Wordbot.io office. But now we’re already a month into 2022; it’s time to look back at everything we’ve accomplished and reveal our plans for the upcoming year.

In 2021, sales automation was bang on-trend. AI paraphrasing tool platforms who failed to offer their users advanced automation functionality are bound to lose their market share. Wordbot.io was not one of those platforms.

2021 Wordbot in Review

In 2021, we developed and released a simplified but advanced way for copywriters, bloggers, students, and more to better create content using the best paraphrasing & summarizing tool. Wordbot users have the ability to…

  • Work as a team and save documents that you are working on to work on later
  • Paraphrase paragraphs to refresh existing content for your blog, article or essay
  • Summarize entire websites, articles, & paragraphs
  • Find keywords to help generate new blog and content ideas
  • Export your work to work inside of other text editors

Despite taking up a lot of time and resources, Wordbot.io isn’t the only thing we were working on in 2021. The team decided to start the blog to help inform our customers on the benefits of our platform in more detail, and also how AI can help write better content.

Wordbot prides itself on the level of flexibility our AI paraphrasing tool provides. We strive to continue to grow our blog take every request we receive into consideration and deliver exactly what our customers want. Our development roadmap for 2022 is heavily influenced by customer feedback, ideas, and feature requests throughout 2021.

Wordbot aims to be a full solution for content creators of all calibers. We try to optimize how our users generate output by enhancing our gpt3 prompts.

In 2022, we look to develop more functionality into wordbot to make every step of the process easier, quicker, and more productive.

We will look to optimize and improve…

  • Our Blog
  • Paraphrasing Tool
  • Summarization Tool
  • Text Editor

Let’s look at an overview of what 2021 Brought.

Wordbot.io Blog

In 2021 We’ve already made a head start with getting the blog started. We are now getting weekly articles out that talk about various improvements not only on wodbot but ways wordbot uses AI to improve content creation.

In 2022, we’re going to continue to improve the blog  even further. The plan is to introduce 4-8 great articles a week about AI news or improvements to wordbot.io. This way, your always up-to-date.

Paraphrasing Tool

Wordbot in 2021 went through a couple iterations of its website and paraphrasing tool. The current phase is now in place with Wordbot using the best GPT 3 Model. We have already started testing various methods of paraphrasing which you can se here

As we test and review end users input we continue to improve on the existing deployment. Wordbot’s paraphraser handles each sentence indivitually, helping to improve the overall output given to the end users.

single sentence paraphrase

Among everything else, this tool will help improve you writing time and product better content.

Summarization Tool

Our summarization tool has become really popular amongst users needing to summarize long papers or website articles.

When using the summarizer you also have the ability to extract keywords from your text. This could be beneficial if looking to find different blog ideas or new topics to write about for website articles.

Text Editor

Working within wordbot has never been easier with the built-in Text editor. The Text editor gives you the ability to create content directly in wordbot without having to transfer from another editor such as Microsoft word, notepad, etc..

wordbot.io text editor

The Editor has a multitude of other features that allows you to not only work within it but also save you work into files and folders to be able to work within a team or separate into multiple projects.

2022 Wordbot

Lots of inspiration going into 2022 for wordbot and AI

The truth is, with you by our side and with a great, dedicated team grinding restlessly, united by a shared vision, anything is possible!

Stick around to see how Wordbot grows into an even better product. Make sure you send your ideas, requests, and tips our way — we’re always open for feedback and suggestions.

With love from your favorite AI Platform

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