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2021 in Review: AI plans for 2022

2021 was a busy year in the office. But now we’re already a month into 2022; it’s time to look back at everything we’ve accomplished and reveal our plans for the upcoming year. In 2021, sales automation was bang on-trend. AI paraphrasing tool platforms who failed to offer their users advanced automation functionality are... Read More

Wordbot Business Update

In this 7 minute video, I give everyone an update on Four months since our launch in September 2021 and we’re currently spending most of our time on improving our GPT-3 AI prompts and marketing our article rewriter. Coming in the future, we’ll look at shoring up the SaaS and adding new features. Enjoy... Read More

This Week in Wordbot | More Paraphraser Improvements

TLDR: This week I continued to work on improving the speed and quality of our rewriting tool. Improvements include faster rewrite suggestions, better quality paraphrases, and sentence / word highlighting.  Below are the details on this week’s improvements. New Demo on Home Page We recorded a new 30 second demo and placed it on Wordbot’s... Read More

This Week in Wordbot | Paraphraser Improvements

TLDR: As we approach the end of the week, much progress has been made on our continued efforts to build out Wordbot’s AI – backed paraphraser, with a new paraphrase sentence-by-sentence feature launching this weekend. Update 11/6/21 10am eastern: The enhancements in this post are Live, start using them today! A New Paraphraser Window We... Read More

Progress Update on our AI Article Rewriter

Hello and happy Thursday evening! I hope your week has been a good one. I wanted to get you an update on the Wordbot features I’m currently working on. Although I’ve sprinkled in the creation of our blog and some other small development work, most of my work this week has been on improving the... Read More

Improving Our AI Paraphrasing Tool

As we continue to transition Wordbot from a MVP (minimal viable product) to a best in class paraphrasing tool, we will be investing a lot of time, money, and energy into redesigning our tool from the ground up. These investments have already begun and will primarily take place in two areas – the user experience... Read More

Welcome to our New Blog

Also welcome to our very first blog post! It’s almost 8pm Friday evening and I’ve just finished the bare bones version of our new blog. We will use our blog to keep everyone up-to-date regarding our new product and SaaS as well as to post interesting, informative content. is a 1 month old... Read More