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Adam VanBuskirk
11/12/21 in
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TLDR: This week I continued to work on improving the speed and quality of our rewriting tool. Improvements include faster rewrite suggestions, better quality paraphrases, and sentence / word highlighting. 

Below are the details on this week’s improvements.

New Demo on Home Page

We recorded a new 30 second demo and placed it on Wordbot’s homepage. We’ll use this new demo to show people the improvements we’re making to the tool.

Watch our ai-powered article rewriter paraphrase sentences

Sentence / Word Highlighting

Our paraphrasing tool now highlights words in the suggested sentence section. Two colors exist – green and blue. A word highlighted green means the word is an addition to the sentence and did not exist in the original sentence. A word highlighted blue means the word existed in the original sentence, but in a different spot / position.

Improved Rewrite Suggestions

We have changed our rewrite engine to use the Curie Instruct engine from Open AI. Curie Instruct is a very powerful AI engine that takes user input and trains itself, making it smarter with every rewrite.

For us so far, Curie Instruct has produced ok to good sentence rewrites. We’ll continue to fine-tune our AI prompts and experiment with Curie Instruct and the other GPT-3 engines. All with the goal to improve our tool and provide you with the most valuable word rewriter. 

Faster Paraphrasing

In addition to better paraphrasing results, Curie Instruct has greatly improved the speed of our suggested sentences. You can now process 3 – 4 paragraphs of text in under 10 seconds. This is a great improvement over our previous speeds of up to one minute to process just a handful of sentences. As with quality, we’ll continue to work hard on improving the speed of our rewrites.

That’s it for this week.

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