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Adam VanBuskirk
11/6/22 in
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As our existing customers know, we’ve been working on a new set of SEO features named SEO Insights. This tool will allow you to analyze your article’s keywords side-by-side with those of the top 10 pages as ranked in Google. When we started our vision was to help bloggers, content marketers, and online entrepreneurs write high quality articles that rank high in Google faster and easier.

Along with our AI Article Writer, AI Article Rewriter, and Paragraph Generator Tool, our upcoming SEO Insights Tool adds the ability to more quickly create articles and content that ranks high in the Google SERPs and helps drive valuable traffic to your websites.

What is SEO Insights?

SEO Insights is the name of our new, and first, SEO tool for content creators. The tool will allow you to analyze your article’s on-page technical SEO and your article’s keyword usage. It will take that on-page technical analysis and keyword analysis and compare it to the top 10 ranked search pages for the same focus keyword. From there, it will present you with all kinds of dashboards and scores. You will know exactly where your article stands and what you need to do to improve it.

Will the SEO Insights Tool be part of

Yes. The SEO Insights Tool is already in as a navigational icon on the left labeled as SEO. We’re still up in the air on how much of the tool will be available to Freemium users. We may require you be a paid customer to run the competitor analysis piece. In general, the flow of the tool will be:

The flow of the tool will essentially be:

  • Create an SEO Insights project
  • Add articles to the project, each with a focus keyword
  • Run the analysis on your article and the competing top 10.
  • View the various dashboards and edit your article as needed
  • Repeat the process until your article has a top score, signifying it is well structured regarding on-page technical SEO and keyword usage.

How close are we to the full SEO Insights tool being launched?

Our progress is going really well. We’ve launched the ability to create, change, and remove an SEO Insights project. We’ve also launched the ability to add articles and focus keywords to those projects. We’re currently adding the ability to pull the Top 10 SERP results for those keywords and analyze them against your article. Once this is done, we’re essentially ready to go Live with SEO Insights as part of We’re bootstrapped and work on in our spare time. My guess is we’re a month or so away from a full launch of the version 1 SEO Insights Tool.

Once the tool is complete, we’ll build a full user’s manual and place it in the Help Docs category. You can then easily find help and learn how to use the new SEO features to their fullest.

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