January 2023 Software Release Notes

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Release Notes

Below are the official January 2023 release notes for wordbot.io .

January saw a whopping 71 hours of development put into wordbot. Not bad for a boot-strapped startup with two guys working full time on other things. Most importantly in January was the total revamp of our site regarding our suite of AI tools and SEO tools.

To better present our offerings to you, we totally separate our AI product and our SEO product. We found most customers wanted one or the other, not both. Now, when you register you choose the AI Tools or the SEO Tools and get the corresponding freemium plan. Then, when you upgrade you only pay for what you want, where previously you were paying for both AI and SEO tools, even if you only wanted one of the two.

January also saw extensive work put into our SEO Insights tool, including a new Keyword Discovery tab which is great for finding valuable keywords that aren’t overly competitive.

Below is the list of software improvements for January

  • Fixed a bug of keywords in the heat map being incorrectly trashed – SEO Insights
  • Refactored the loading of projects and webpages to make them fast – SEO Insights
  • Fixed a bug of the Created Date on webpages always being the current date – SEO Insights
  • Added a Rank & Score tab for tracking your Google and Wordbot ranking history – SEO Insights
  • Improved the placeholders and tooltips across the heat maps to make the software more intuitive – SEO Insights
  • Log competitor websites that cannot be crawled to a new Errors tab so the user can see why some competitor sites weren’t crawled during the analysis pull – SEO Insights
  • Fix word count discrepancies across the different SEO screens. – SEO Insights
  • Improved the process of finding keywords during the competitor analysis – SEO Insights
  • Added Internal Links and External Links to the Page Stats tab – SEO Insights
  • Added the Keyword Phrase and Search Results Number to the Page Stats tab – SEO Insights
  • Changed the new keyword phrase above to a link that opens the Google search – SEO Insights
  • Added a new keyword density heatmap – SEO Insights
  • Fixed a bug of duplicate webpages in the top 10 Google SERPs – SEO Insights
  • Added a link to the user’s webpage in the Page Stats tab – SEO Insights
  • Fixed a bug of the usage popup not always working correctly – SEO Insights
  • Make ENTER submit new webpages – SEO Insights
  • Fixed a bug that caused jumping when trashing keywords – SEO Insights
  • Made the webpage URL optional when adding webpages – SEO Insights
  • Totally redesigned the home page and separated AI vs SEO

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