November 2022 Software Release Notes

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Release Notes

Below are the official November 2022 release notes for .

It’s November 25th and I hope everyone in the United States were able to gather together with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. There’s nothing more precious than those we love.

On the wordbot front, we put in over 40 hours of development work in our November sprint. Considering I’m the only developer and have a full time job, that’s not bad. Unfortunately for you, none of this work is released into yet, but I’m working hard to finish it up and put the value in your hands. Below is a detailed update of where we are.

Seo Insights Tool – Update

In November, I worked exclusively on our new SEO Insights Tool. This tool will allow you to run on-page and keyword analysis on your articles and your competition – the Top 10 ranking articles in Google (Top 10 SERPs). The analysis on your articles will be included in the Freemium version with no usage limits. This means you can use the SEO Insights Tool to improve your on-page / technical SEO and keyword usage for free forever. If you want to run the competitor analysis, you will have to pay. The real value is the competitor analysis, so you will likely want to choose a paid package. The SEO packages will include the AI Article Writer and Rewriter with usage limits.

The SEO Insights Tool is complete, with one exception. We have to implement a queueing system for crawling pages as we can only do so many concurrent calls. My goal is to have this complete, our home page revamped, new additional SEO pricing packages available, and the SEO Insights Tool live by the end our December sprint. This would be easily achieved, but I have a busy December that includes traveling, so getting our tool live may bleed into January.

SEO Insights Tool Screenshots

Below are some sneak peak screenshots of the version 1 of the new SEO Insights Tool. Thanks for being a user of!

Wordbot's SEO Insights Tool article kewyord page.
Wordbot's SEO Insights Tool on page SEO analysis heatmap
Wordbot's SEO Insights Tool keyword competitor SEO analysis heatmap
Wordbot's SEO Insights Tool keyword competitor SEO analysis heatmap

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