February 2023 Software Release Notes

Post author: Adam VanBuskirk
Adam VanBuskirk
3/5/23 in
Release Notes

Below are the official February 2023 release notes for wordbot.io .

February saw a lot of work on our blog, including a minor redesign and numerous articles, mostly relating to AI (GPT-3, ChatGPT, Bard) and SEO, specifically articles related to our SEO Insights Tool, like keyword research, keyword density, serp position analyzing, etc.

Below is the list of software improvements for February

  • Bug Fix – When you don’t put your own url in, the Pos 1 on the keyword heatmap doesn’t get the name on hover – SEO Insights
  • Bug Fix – Long project name was breaking the layout of the project card – SEO Insights
  • Bug FIx – When you upload keywords, log out , and log back in it wasn’t preloading the keywords – SEO Insights
  • Refactor – Migrated to the new Google Identity APIs for users who use gmail to register and login – All Products
  • Refactor – Added Google Adsense sticky footer to our blog – Blog
  • Redesigned the post page on our blog – Blog
  • Refactor – Increased the font across our blog for easier reading – Blog
  • Refactor – Change integer to 1 decimal on density heatmap to make the keyword density heatmap more useful – SEO Insights
  • Refactor – Allow the sorting of articles on the project detail page – SEO Insights
  • Refactor – Improve the positioning of Adsense ads on our blog to not be disruptive – Blog
  • Refactor – Redesigned the blog search bar – Blog
  • Feature – Add a jump-to-category control at the top of our blog – Blog
  • Refactor – Redesigned the blog category page – Blog
  • Refactor – Redesigned the blog search results page – Blog
  • Refactor – Redesigned the blog’s home page – Blog
  • Refactor – Don’t take keywords into account for serps that have crawler errors – SEO Insights
  • Feature – Made headings in Page Stats tab links which you can click to see the webpage’s heading tag structure, including the full text of all headings, how they’re nested, and whether they contain the focus keywords – SEO Insights

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