September 2022 Software Release Notes

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Adam VanBuskirk
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Release Notes

Below are the official September 2022 release notes for .

We had another busy sprint in September. Among the new features introduced in September; you can now easily fix grammar and spelling mistakes in existing content, generate new content from within the text editor, and view and work with your paragraph generation history.

What’s Coming in October?

For those of you that have spoken to Kevin or I, you know that we are professional tech engineers and serial entrepreneurs, with bootstrapped as a side hustle. This is partly why we charge very low prices for the value you get – because we know that wordbot isn’t perfect and that new features come slower than other platforms.

To best use our limited resources in October, we’re not going to implement additional features into The Sprint release notes will be anemic. We’re going to spend October further marketing wordbot, including posting on our blog, creating content for YouTube, and continuing to build on our existing email newsletter and customer audience.

September Product Enhancements

  • BUG FIX – Step 4 of the Article Generator was outputting English, even if a foreign language was chosen.
  • REFACTOR – When rewriting text in the editor, we changed it so the user can control how many sentence variations are created for each original sentence. Wordbot previously always produced three rewrites per sentence, thus eating into the user’s word counts if they really only needed one rewrite per sentence for example.
  • FEATURE – You can now generate text within the editor. To do this, you place your cursor or highlight text within the editor and wordbot will generate a new paragraph of text based off the highlighted or previously typed text. This is a fantastic way to generate new content and rewrite existing content at the same time, all within the editor.
  • FEATURE – We added a Grammar & Spelling Fixer Tool. You can enter your text and wordbot will automatically correct the grammar and fix any spelling issues. This new tool can be found as a card under the Creator tab.
  • FEATURE – We added the ability to view generator history on our Paragraph Generator Tool. You can now view and work with your paragraph history from within the tool. This means seeing what you’ve generated in the past, reloading those histories to work with them again, and even loading past generations into the editor for rewriting.

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