October 2022 Software Release Notes

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Adam VanBuskirk
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Release Notes

Below are the official October 2022 release notes for wordbot.io .

I’m writing this update on Sunday October 30th, just one day before Halloween. I was at a small Halloween party yesterday with friends and family and what fun seeing the different costumes and young children having fun. Whereever you are, have a fun and safe Halloween!

I had previously mentioned in the September Release Notes that we would be pivoting wordbot from a generalized AI content generation and rewriting tool to a focused SEO tool that analyzes your articles’ on-page technical SEO and keyword usage compared to high-ranked competitors.

The new SEO features will be fully integrated with wordbot’s current AI article and paragraph generator tools and the AI article rewriter (text editor) tools. This gives you a true SEO tool that is both capable of improving your articles SEO and generating high quality content using artificial intelligence.

SEO Insights Tool

I’m happy to announce that work has indeed started on our new SEO tool. We’re bootstrapped, so progress is naturally slow compared to funded startups and established businesses, but I’m happy with the progress. I have the SEO Insights Project tab done and am working on the initial keywords screen now. The end of the post contains some sneak peak screenshots of the progress.

We’ll be moving these changes live in increments until the new tool is essentially Live. My goal is for the first full version of our SEO Insights tool to be live by the end of December. The first full version will allow you to analyze on-page technical SEO and keyword usage for your articles, including how your articles score against the top competitors for the keywords as ranked in the Google SERPs.

Until November, thanks for using wordbot.io and your continued interest and support in our growing and ever changing product.

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