December 2022 Software Release Notes

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Adam VanBuskirk
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Release Notes

Below are the official December 2022 release notes for .

In December, we finished and launched our new SEO Insights Tool. I wrote a large writeup about its initial functionality which can be found here. Since that article was published just a few days ago, we’ve already made several enhancements like pulling your article SEO stats from a URL instead of making you paste it into the wordbot editor, allowing you to sort the heat maps, and fixed several crawler errors.

We have much functionality coming to our new SEO Insights Tool and are actively using it to write and improve our existing blog articles. We’ll then use our own experiences along with customer feedback to make the tool a solid SEO competitor keyword analysis option for SEO professionals, bloggers, and marketers.

Below is the list of software improvements for December

  • Launched SEO Insights Tool
  • Added the Article Count to the SEO Insights Project Card
  • Changed the Keyword Heat Map to always include the focus keywords, even if not found in competitor articles
  • Added tooltips on icons for more intuitive interface
  • Make the user enter the url of their article to pull SEO stats instead of making them paste it into the wordbot text editor
  • Improved competitor article and website crawling
  • Allow users to trash non relevant keywords in the heat map
  • Fix delay in heat map when keywords are removed
  • Make the columns in the Page Stats and Keyword Heat Maps
  • Fixed a crawler error when refreshing the user’s article from their URL

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