August 2022 Software Release Notes

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Release Notes

Below are the official August 2022 release notes for .

August was’s first month with our new pricing structure which includes a Freemium tier to explore the software as well as four price plans with various word limitations. To celebrate our 1 month anniversary of this new subscription structure, we analyzed our pricing and decided we wanted to deliver even more value to you our customer. To do this, just hours ago we raised the word count limitations on each plan by a WHOPPING 5X!

No gotchas, catches, or tricks to the trade. When you register with, you will now get 5X the usage you used to for the exact same low prices. That’s 5x the value you previously received. This isn’t a temporary sale or promotion, rather we envision this being permanent with possibly more word count improvements coming in the future.

These new word limits are in effect immediately for all existing customers’ plans and new customers. Enjoy 5X more value for your money on Kevin and I, cofounders of

Below are the changes to that took place in our August development sprint that affect you the customer.

August Product Enhancements

  • FEATURE – Add an automated email notification that sends to our customers each month 3 days before their subscription renews letting them know of the pending renewal.
  • REFACTOR – Added a Paraphrase card to the Creator launch pad to help people understand where to go to paraphrase / rewrite text.
  • REFACTOR – Moved the keyword extractor tool from the editor to the Creator launch pad as a standalone card.
  • REFACTOR – Moved the Summarizer feature from the editor to the Creator launch pad as a standalone card.
  • REFACTOR – Improved our Stripe payment functionality.
  • REFACTOR – We added the ability to the Article Writer to generate 1 – 5 introductions and outlines. It used to always generate 5 of each. We felt allowing you to choose is a better approach that way if you are watching word counts you can generate less.
  • FEATURE – We installed a Chatbot to improve customer support and our communication with you.
  • REFACTOR – We now auto-cancel accounts that have failed payments, so make sure your credit card is always up to date and that your account has sufficient funds in it. Cancelled accounts are reverted to our Freemium plan.
  • FEATURE – We added the ability to favorite (star) and trash (trashcan) cards in the Creator launch pad. This allows you to trash cards you never use and remove them from your view. You can always restore them. Favoriting a card moves it to the top left for quick access.
  • REFACTOR – We improved the appearance of some UX items.
  • FEATURE – You can now change your subscription plan at any time inside the gear icon. You can change to a lower or higher plan with the click of a button.
  • REFACTOR – Free users now get an attractive popup telling them how to upgrade when they hit the Freemium word count limitation. Paying customers also get a popup letting them no they’ve reached their limit.
  • FEATURE – We added Active to Passive Voice and Passive to Active Voice tools in the Creator launch pad.
  • FEATURE – We’ve improved our email marketing campaigns to keep Freemium users and customers up to date on all the latest goings on and available promotions.

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