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Adam VanBuskirk
11/4/21 in
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TLDR: As we approach the end of the week, much progress has been made on our continued efforts to build out Wordbot’s AI – backed paraphraser, with a new paraphrase sentence-by-sentence feature launching this weekend.

Update 11/6/21 10am eastern: The enhancements in this post are Live, start using them today!

A New Paraphraser Window

We have added the ability to paraphrase a single sentence, a highlighted section, or an entire article. This gives you the ultimate flexibility when choosing which content to rewrite. The way it works is once a selection is made and the paraphrase button clicked, a window opens.

The window presents each sentence in the selection along with three proposed rewrites for each sentence. The sentences are presented using simple backward and forward navigation buttons with the current and total number of sentences displayed between the buttons.

You can use this navigation to move through and review the sentences. To replace a sentence with a rewrite, simply click the proposed sentence to choose it. It will highlight the sentence and allow you to move forward to the next sentence or backward to the previous sentence. You can leave the original sentence by not choosing a proposed paraphrase.

Once ready to replace the original sentences in the Wordbot editor, merely close the paraphraser window using the X in the top right corner of the window. This will close the sentence-by-sentence paraphraser and replace all original sentences in the editor with the selected sentences from the paraphraser.

Remember to Save Your Work

Remember, your Wordbot articles do not automatically save. Annoying, right? We’re planning to add auto-save in the future, but until then please remember to open the Save accordion, give your article a name, choose a folder to save it in, and click Save. This will make your article available for later rewriting, exporting, etc.

Improvement Still Needed

We are really pumped about the above features launching. It takes our paraphraser from an MVP to a Version 1. However, we recognize we still have much work to make Wordbot’s paraphraser best in market.  Three specific areas we’re actively working on to improve are auto saving your work, improving the quality of our proposed AI-generated paraphrases, and improving our AI to be faster when pre-loading all the paraphrases. Stay tuned for future updates on and improvements to the above challenges.

Takeaway | The Above Sentence-by-Sentence Paraphraser is Launching Soon!

We are in the final stage of testing and hope to have the above paraphraser improvements live by the end of this weekend. We’ll make a short blog post letting the users know the features have launched.

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