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Wordbot Paragraph Rephraser

When I need to reword my paragraph, is my goto tool. Sure, I’m a bit biased because I created it, but nonetheless its a good tool that continues to improve. In this blog post, I’m going to explain why I use wordbot to reword my paragraphs and why you should consider using it too. 

Reword My Paragraph – The Origin of Wordbot

The Very Beginning

I’ve long been an online, bootstrapping entrepreneur. Starting around 2001, I began learning how to code and develop websites. Part of being an online entrepreneur who dabbles in websites is marketing, or making sure the world knows you and your website exists. Back in the day, people thought you could just build a website and users would start showing up. Suffice to say, it was never that way and never will be. 

Today, there are over 1.7 billion websites all competing for people’s attention. To let the world know you exist, you must market your website. On a limited budget , one of the best and most affordable ways to do this is content marketing. This means creating content like blog posts, How To articles, top 10 lists, etc. and then putting them on your website.

From their, Google an other search engines crawl your website and begin associating your website with the various words in your articles. Then, as users search for specific things, your site will show up in the search results if it’s relevant and good enough. 

Safe to say, I started writing lots of content for my sites. And I continue to write lots and lots of content, just like this article you’re reading a whopping 22 years later. Lots of things change, but some don’t – content is and always has been king in attracting visitors to a website.

The Problem

When writing marketing content, I reword my paragraphs a lot. Who doesn’t? Editing is critical to producing high quality content that reads well. As I’ve been writing all this content over the years, I’ve always been on the lookout for the ultimate rewording tool

One that I can use to reword my paragraph over and over until I get it just right. One that can reword not just my single paragraph but my entire article. That way I can refresh all my articles regularly without having to manually go through and rewrite each one.

Around 2005 or so I began exploring tools that could reword my paragraphs. There were a few, but not many, Most were desktop applications and produced very poor results. They would simply swap out synonyms with no regard for whether that synonym made sense within the context of the paragraph. I eventually gave up on finding a tool and continued to slog through my rewrites manually.

Fast forward to now and many of those same article rewriters still exist and are still terrible. They still employee archaic word swapping methods that fail to grasp context. However, new natural language processing (NPL) technology has emerged that is changing everything. 

This new artificial intelligence coupled with deep machine learning is finally providing the ability to truly rewrite sentences within the context of the paragraph it is in. Unnatural sounding words are no longer swapped with total disregard. The new era of content rewriting that I’ve been patiently waiting on for over 20 years has finally arrived.

The Solution

The AI is here, but the tools are behind. Enter, one of the first modern rewriting tools that will finally, after 20 years, allow me to reword my paragraph as if I reworded it myself.

Wordbot is an online rewording tool that uses the latest in AI to reword content. It doesn’t use the archaic tactics of just moving words around or swapping words for a similar word from the dictionary. It uses a deep machine learning transformer called GPT-3. GPT-3 uses natural language processing and is capable of breaking the content down and totally rebuilding it.

Wordbot rewrites each sentence of a paragraph as if I did. It will take the original, evaluate its meaning, rewrite it by often changing structure and words, yet keep the original meaning. It’s not always perfect, but its rewrites combined with manually editing produces fantastic results.

Reword My Paragraph Using the Text Editor

Wordbot rewords my paragraph using its rich text editor. After you login, you reach the editor by clicking the Editor icon on the left. The editor allows you to import content from a variety of sources including pasting it in, opening from the Wordbot file system, or entering the url of an online article.

Once imported, I can reword my paragraph a sentence at a time, a section at a time, the entire paragraph, or the entire article, all with a few clicks of a button. When I do select content and begin rewriting, the tool will present the Sentence Box. This is a popup that shows me each original sentence along with three proposed rewrites. I can pick no rewrites (I prefer to keep the original sentence) or click the rewrite I like best. 

I can then navigate to the next sentence. If I ever want to navigate back to previous sentences, I can do that too. When I’m done selecting a rewrite for each sentence, I simply close the Sentence Box and wordbot rewrites my content and places it in the rich text editor for further editing.

Reword My Paragraph – The Conclusion

After 20 years, a tool that allows me to rewrite my paragraphs in a way that is both structurally solid and naturally sounding has finally arrived because we decided to build it. Wordbot is in its infancy and must continue to improve and grow as a tool, but already it’s producing some of the best reworded paragraphs I’ve ever seen and certainly better than those tools of the past. I use it every day and if you need to reword paragraphs, I strongly suggest you give it a try. 

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