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Wordbot Rewording Tool

There are many uses for a rewording tool. Writers use them to rework their sentences. Journalists and Marketers use them to craft stellar headlines that attract eyeballs and convert customers. Students use them to reword essays and research papers. Virtual Assistants and consultants use them to improve productivity and speed up the revision process. Bloggers use them to rewrite and refresh their evergreen content to keep their rankings high.

For many, many people creating, reviewing, and rewriting content is a big part of their everyday life. From the aforementioned tasks to writing emails to constructing job descriptions, written content has and always will be an integral part of communication between people. Writing content continues to be a highly sought after skill. That’s why practically every office job demands Microsoft Word skills.

For those who regularly create and edit content, rewording tools continue to be an integral part of their toolset.

The 3 Pillars of Wordbot’s Rewording Tool

Three Pillars of Successful Rewording Tool is our summarizing and rewording tool. It was launched as a minimal viable product (MVP) in September of 2021. Our mission is to create the world’s best rewording tool by building three pillars:

  • Unparalleled simplicity in design and user experience
  • The world’s best artificial intelligence for rewording content
  • The best value to price ratio

We’ll go into more detail on each further down in the article, but first let’s discuss Wordbot’s launch and MVP status.

The Rewording Tool Minimal Viable Product

Wordbot was launched because we found the content rewording (rewriting, paraphrasing, etc) market very fragmented and littered with poorly designed products and aging artificial intelligence. UX that is far too complex with AI engines generating far to poor results. 

We think we can fix this problem. So, the first step was building an MVP product that can do basic, but POORLY PERFORMING rewrites with no bells and whistles. We’ve done that and made it available to the public for practically free via our 99 cents per month subscription.

Step two is where we are now – improving our core artificial intelligence to produce basic, HIGH PERFORMING sentence and paragraph rewording. Also part of this step is marketing. That’s why this blog article exists. We’re getting our name out there, acquiring early adopters, and setting the stage for the future. 

This is important because as we begin executing our product roadmap, we want real people like you giving us feedback and helping design the perfect product. We can’t do that if no-one knows about us. Lets next discuss Wordbot’s three core pillars.

Unparalleled Simplicity & User Interface

Wordbot Rewording Tool

Our first pillar for building the best rewording tool is absolute, unparalleled simplicity in the product. Wordbot is a SaaS which ultimately is a fancy term for website. We want our website and user interface to be insanely easy to use and beautiful to look at. 

Think the Apple iPhone. The iPhone allows you to stream shows, make phone calls, wake to an alarm lock, play games, and literally thousands of other things. It’s a highly complex device with even more complex software running on it. Yet, the device and software on it are very simple to learn and easy to use. I think we all agree, pure genius.

We aim to do the same for those creating and rewording content. We are going to design a beautiful, easy to use tool (website), continue to add features that make your life much easier when working with content, and add those features with no additional complexity in the software. 

Too many current tools are ugly, overly complex, and suffer from valueless feature bloat.

The World’s Best AI For Rewording Content

Rewriting tools use AI

Our second pillar focuses on what arguably matters the most – the best rewording tool must have the best AI. We can give the tool away and have the most elegant website in the world, but if it can’t rewrite a sentence or paragraph, it’s worthless.

Being an MVP product, we already have solid AI driving our rewording tool, but it’s not the best. However, the wheels are in motion to get us there. 

We’re a new site with no legacy ai baggage, which is a huge advantage over many legacy tools. We don’t have to make the difficult decision to refactor our code or AI.

We’re using Open AI’s GPT-3 transformer, which is the best AI transformer in the world. Our prompting and controlling of it isn’t the best yet, but the engine we use is. Already our rewording tool is using the most advanced AI in the world, we just need to improve our use of it which we’re actively doing. 

Lastly, we’re aggressively studying data science, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and Python to ensure we are thoroughly educated in artificial intelligence and data sciences. AI is moving very fast and we need to move with it.

The Best Value to Price Ratio

The benefits of rewriting tools

Wordbot has to make money so we can reinvest that money back into improving the tool. We could make it free and litter it with ads, but then our first goal of offering the user “An unparalleled simplicity and user experience” will fail and we simply can’t have that. So again, Wordbot needs to make money. This means charging a monthly subscription to use it.

However, we don’t want to just pick a price point or set a desired profit margin. We want to turn pricing into an advantage for us and the user. We aim to provide explosive value at a very modest price. Our goal is to provide the world’s best rewording tool at a fraction of the price of lesser tools. This is what we mean when we say “the best value to price ratio”. The user will get $100 per month of value for $10 or a 10x ratio.

Wordbot Rewording Tool – Feature Roadmap

To build the world’s best rewording tool and offer it at a 10x+ ratio of value to price, we have an exciting feature roadmap planned. As mentioned above, we’re very much still an MVP, so we’ve barely begun executing the roadmap, but we have begun. The current roadmap consists of these features:

  • Improving UX
  • Improving Core AI
  • Mood / Tone 
  • Advanced Synonym Replacement
  • Full Foreign Language Support
  • SEO Optimization
  • Spinning Content

Let’s briefly discuss each.

Improving UX

If you visit Wordbot and register an account, you’ll notice how elementary our product is – in a good way. There are five core navigational icons, including a simplistic file system and a text editor where the magic happens – that’s it. Our registration and login process – couldn’t be simpler. Our home page barely has any links. This is by design.

As mentioned above, we will always strive to keep our product beautiful and complexities to a minimum. Every feature will have to fight hard to be included in our tool and once included, must be included without adding complexity to the user interface and experience.

Improving Core AI

I won’t dive deep into this again, but the core of our rewording tool is the AI that rewrites content. We will always put this foremost in our business and continue to work toward making Wordbot the absolute best at rewording sentences, paragraphs, and entire articles and essays.

Mood / Tone Setting

This is a popular feature in one of the best rewording tools in the field today, Quillbot. They’re a competitor of ours. The feature allows you to choose the tone of your rewrite. For example, you can paste in a paragraph and say rewrite it using satire, etc.

We will offer a similar feature. It’s actually quite easy for us with the AI we use today, we’re just not adding additional features yet.

Advanced Synonym Replacement

Many legacy rewording tools depend heavily on synonym swapping with poor results. This is because they lack the core AI to truly rewrite the content. They just change as many words as possible, which often leaves the new content sounding unnatural.

We have the core AI and that core AI does often switch out nouns, verbs, and adjectives for others while keeping the content sounding natural. However, we would like to add a feature that allows the user to swap in different words of their choice on top of the rewrite.

For example, our core AI may rewrite “He fixed his car in the driveway” to “The man worked on his car in the drive” but then the user would like the option to see a list of synonyms she could swap in for “car”. For example, “truck”, “van”,  “Honda”, “Ford”, etc.

In this way, we’re not compromising the rewrite, but giving the user the ability to further reword it.

Full Foreign Language Support

This is a big one for us, a must have. Already, we have many foreign, non-English speaking users of Wordbot. We have made a promise to them that we intend to keep – making Wordbot capable of inputting and outputting its content in any number of languages.

This is going to happen and I’m happy to say we already have the technology and AI to do it. We’ve alpha tested it and early indications show it will work great. Like the mood indicator above, it just isn’t done because we are not actively working on new features right now. We are marketing and improving our core AI. This is coming though and I can’t wait. Our non-English speaking users will absolutely love it!

SEO Optimization

After we tackle rewriting and creating content, we plan to add features that will allow you to quickly and automatically optimize content for search engines. We think there is a lot of value in this and want to remove the time, effort, and required expertise of manual optimization. Think Yoast SEO if you’ve ever used it in WordPress, but automated.

Spinning Content

Spinning content is a must have. Less common than in days of past, it’s still a great feature that many people look for in their rewording tool. Spinning content allows you to write one article and slice it into several. This is done for many reasons. One such reason this article is a great example of – it’s huge. 

Coming in well over 2,00 words, this blog post is arguably too long. Using a spinning tool, I could spin this article and tell the spinner to reword the article, but also break it into five shorter pieces. I could then post five 400-word articles. Those would be easier for the viewer to read and easier to distribute among sites for PR. 

Scheduled & Automatic Rewrites

If you’re a marketer or blogger, you’ll love this one. Content maintenance is a very real pain point. Websites heavy on content such as news sites typically have to employee people to do X number of content refreshes per week. This is to keep cornerstone also known as evergreen content fresh in the eyes of search engines so the pages don’t lose their web traffic to competitors.

To alleviate this pain point, we’re going to create a scheduling feature that will allow you to schedule content refreshes. The rewording tool will be able to, on a schedule, generate new content and reword existing content. Your team will simply need to choose which content to refresh, when to refresh it, and then let it ride. 

From there, the tool will do all the heavy lifting and then notify you when your content is ready for review. You’ll then pop in, do a quick review, tweak, and then post it wherever your content lives. Speaking of that, we’re actually planning to create easy integration into popular CRMs as well, such as WordPress. This means not only will Wordbot automatically refresh your content, but it will also post it to your CRM.

Wordbot Rewording Tool – Conclusion

We’re at the very beginning of a very long journey, but times are exciting. The market for rewording tools is shifting, AI is advancing at breakneck pace, and we’re perfectly positioned to take advantage – we have no legacy baggage. 

Wordbot is still an MVP and currently not the best rewording tool, but we’re confident in short order it will be. In the meantime, we’re only charging our customers 99 cents per month to play along as we build the world’s greatest rewording tool. 

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