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How to use an AI sentence rewriter tool to write compelling content

Every day, you might be challenged with writing relevant, compelling content that speaks to your audience. Don’t worry, even the most talented writers need help from time to time. As Octavia Butler, an American science fiction author and multiple recipient of the Hugo and Nebula awards said, “You don’t start out writing good stuff. You start out writing crap and thinking it’s good stuff, and then gradually you get better at it.”

What if there was a tool to make writing simpler? Luckily there is – the AI Sentence Rewriter Tool, from The website is an online tool that uses artificial intelligence to rewrite sentences you’re stuck on, helping you find the correct voice and tone for your target audience.’s AI sentence rewriter tool creates original content. With a single click, you can get multiple versions of your original sentence. This helps you get the right idea quickly, so you can get back to business as usual. The AI sentence rewriter tool allows you to create engaging, quality content that speaks directly to your intended audience.

Step 1, Navigate to the AI sentence rewriter tool

Visit and login. You’ll be logged in to the Editor area. On the right site, the Rewrite tab should be open by default. Inside the Rewrite tab, you will see a Start Rewriting button. Also notice the Use Sentence Box toggle. It’s toggled on by default. While rewriting, leave it on to see several AI-generated sentences per original sentence or toggle it off to have automatically rewrite your original sentence with one of its choosing.

Step 2, Enter the sentence or sentences you want to rewrite

Enter in the editor the content you want to rewrite. This can be a single sentence, multiple sentences, paragraphs, or entire articles and essays. There is no character limit on what you can rewrite. allows you to rewrite as much content as you want whenever you want.

Here’s some tips to get the best rewrites from the AI sentence rewriter tool.

  • Ensure your sentences aren’t too short. The tool sometimes struggles to produce high quality rewrites for extremely short sentences due to lack of context.

  • If you have long compound sentences, consider breaking them into multiple sentences.

  • If you have words that you don’t want rewritten, use’s Freeze Words feature to lock them in.
freeze SEO keywords
  • When rewriting, don’t be afraid to click regenerate several times on a sentence. As rewrites, it learns from its mistakes and often produces better rewrites subsequent times through.
regenerate sentence rewrites

Step 3, Start rewriting using the AI sentence rewriter tool’s suggestions

There are two ways you can use the ai sentence rewriter tool. The most common approach and the one we’ll discuss here is using the sentence box. However, for speed rewriting you can toggle the sentence box off and simply have automatically and quickly rewrite all your sentences with the click of a button.

To use the sentence box, highlight the sentence you entered, ensure the Use Sentence Box toggle is on, and click the Start Rewriting button. A popup will appear showing your original sentence and three generated sentences. From here, you have several options.

  • You can choose a generated sentence by clicking on it.
select a sentence
  • You can leave the original sentence by clicking to navigate to the next sentence

  • You can edit a generated sentence. This is great when you like a rewrite, but it needs your personal touch.
edit a sentence
  • You can click on any of the words in the sentence to see a list of synonyms. You can then click a synonym to replace the original word.
swap synonyms

After selecting a generated sentence, you can click the top-right close button to exit the popup.’s AI sentence rewriter tool will then replace your original sentence in the editor with the generated sentence you selected. From here, you can again rewrite the sentence or continue writing.

Step 4, Edit the rewritten sentence(s)

At its core,’s AI Sentence Rewriter is a rewriting tool. It will take your original copy and make new copy out of it.’s rewrite may be exactly what you’re looking for, or you may have to tweak or rephrase the results and add your own words to reflect your brand.

You can always change your selected tone and produce new options if you don’t like the results. It’s easy to adjust the copy within the sentence box or the editor.

Use these sentence writing best practices when you’re modifying the copy:

  •’s copy will likely have no serious grammatical errors, but always proofread your work. You should still check the text to ensure it aligns with your style guidelines and is free of any off-brand punctuation or spelling. For example, you may want to spell your brand like “wordBot” and not “WordBot”.
  • Consider the flow: Because’s AI sentence rewriter tool is not human, you may need to modify the cadence of your sentence to make it sound more like your brand. To test if your content is readable, read it out loud to hear how it would sound to the reader.
  • Your copy should be clear about what your brand or product is capable of doing for your reader or target audience. Address their needs, challenges, and interests in the copy. Write for the reader’s sake.
  • Make use of the synonym swapping tool combined with the AI sentence rewriter tool to prevent repeating phrases. This variation will allow you to engage your reader.
  • If you’re writing for organic search or search engine optimization, make sure your keywords are in the copy. If they weren’t, you can modify the copy to include the keywords to make sure your copy adheres to SEO. In addition, remember to use’s Freeze Words feature before using the AI sentence rewriter. This feature ensures the keywords stay in your content.

Use an AI sentence rewriter to generate intriguing copy for your reader’s AI Sentence Rewriter Tool is one of the best in the industry for business owners and people who write their own content. Our tool helps you create engaging content for your blogs, emails, social media, websites and anywhere else.

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