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The best paraphrasing tool ai

wordbot.io has the best paraphrasing tool AI on the market and its only getting better. In this short post, we’ll discuss the artificial intelligence behind wordbot.io, including our plans to ensure it stays the best paraphrasing tool AI on the market.

Paraphrasing Tool Overview

For those that don’t know, wordbot.io is an online paraphrasing tool that uses AI to rewrite sentences, paragraphs, articles, essays, and text in general. It consists of several features that combine to make rewriting and paraphrasing fast, efficient, and productive. At the core of its feature set is a file system for managing paraphrases and an editor to work in. In the editor, users can save their work, import or export work, paraphrase, and summarize text. There are many other supporting features that aid in paraphrasing, but we won’t cover those here. Also at the core is the AI that generates the paraphrases and summaries.

What Makes it The Best Paraphrasing Tool AI?

We believe wordbot.io has the best paraphrasing tool AI on the market. This is for a few reasons. First, it utilizes the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence for natural language processing. Second, it uses technology provided by the OpenAI company, which is a world leader in AI. Third, because we use OpenAI’s APIs to apply AI to wordBot, we aren’t tied to quickly outdated technology. AI is progressing very rapidly, with new breakthroughs and improvements happening all the time. Many of the best paraphrasing tools try to develop their own AI or marry their product to today’s technologies. This can work well for awhile, but soon the AI will advance and the company must change their existing paraphrasing tool AI or risk being left behind. This becomes a very expensive and time-consuming process and keeps their tools from progressing as fast as the AI.

How We Provide The Best Paraphrasing Tool AI

How does wordbot.io avoid this dilemma? As mentioned, we use a 3rd party to supply our AI. Their name is OpenAI and they are a world leader in artificial intelligence. They handle all the heavy lifting like analyzing data, neural networks and machine learning. They have many people that contribute to and improve the product. Currently, we use OpenAI’s 3rd generation pre-trained transformer known as GPT3. It’s a neural network machine learning model that was pre-trained on data from the internet.

Paraphrasing tools like wordbot.io can tap into this AI for a price and by using special tools called prompts. As AI continues to rapidly advance, we can continue to provide the latest and best paraphrasing tool AI to our customers by automatically tapping into the latest improvements. However, tapping into 3rd party AI doesn’t restrict wordbot.io from being unique and providing better AI than competitors that also use OpenAI and GPT3. This is because of the prompts, or the proprietary sets of instructions used to communicate with GPT3.

These instructions must be developed and applied by the paraphrasing tool. We don’t develop our AI so we can continue to move fast and provide the best AI in a timely manner, but we do however develop our own prompts. OpenAI and GPT3 does the heavy lifting, but we fine tune it and ensure great results for our customers by investing time and money in developing the best GPT3 rewriting, paraphrasing, and summarizing prompts on the market.

How Will We Keep The Best Paraphrasing Tool AI

GPT3 is sure to change. Whether it will be named GPT4 or something else, GPT3 is certainly transient. However, OpenAI and the APIs they provide to software companies like wordBot should remain consistent for years to come. That is the power behind the APIS – they abstract out the complicated details while providing a consistent interface to interact with them. As AI transformers and models change, we’ll still be able to design prompts and easily tap into them, ensuring little old wordBot can still apply and provide to their customers the best AI in the world. This is also important because we want to spend our time adding features to our paraphrasing tool that our customers care about, not doing tedious data science work.

Give wordBot a Try

If you’re looking for the best paraphrasing tool AI, make sure to give wordbot.io a try. At the time of this writing, we provide a 7-day free trial and offer several ways to tap into our AI, including paraphrasing sentence by sentence, paraphrasing the entire article or essay at one time with the click of a button, and summarizing text and extracting keywords with a simple click. We also have several features to ensure your paraphrasing experience is fast and simple.

Until next time, happy paraphrasing!

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