How to Reword a Sentence using The Tool

how to reword a sentence using wordbot

When trying to reword a sentence you must experiment with different variations of words to make the sentence sound different but have the same meaning. There are many tools to reword a sentence online. Using AI you can learn how can help you reword sentences really fast.

How do you Reword a Sentence?

Here’s a brief suggestion to help you get better at writing. Try to reword a sentence using a different term in each sentence. When you’re trying to compose a blog post or come up with a new blog post topic, this is a terrific exercise to do. This is useful when revising a sentence or trying to come up with a new sentence for a blog article.

Here are a couple of different ways to help you in rewording sentences:

  • First write your sentence out and make a couple revised versions of it.
  • Once written out, read them out loud to make sure they sound readable

5 writing tips to help you reword your sentence even better

  • Choose stronger synonyms: When rewording sentences use stronger synonyms before you start the sentence. The reason for this is that the words you employ in your phrase should be in the same language as your intended audience. When writing, it’s tempting to use the term “easy,” but simpler words like “clear” or “understood” could be more applicable.
  • Remove unnecessary words: Eliminating unnecessary words is very important. This can help you write more concise, and clear sentences. Unnecessary words are words that do not have a particular meaning.
  • Trim Long Sentences: When restructuring a sentence, don’t worry about doing the entire sentence at once. Break it down into smaller parts and reword the separate sentences.
  • Use Active Voice: Passive voice for example “The Ball was thrown by the pitcher” can be corrected to sound better. In Active voice “The pitcher threw the ball”. Passive voice is the least natural-sounding form of English; we all know it’s bad writing, but we don’t know how to fix it. When we’re not sure how to say something, we prefer to employ passive voice by default. Passive voice is a no-no in rewording sentences, just as it is when learning how to reword a sentence using Learn how to switch from passive to active speech.
  • Seek some assistance using paraphrasing tools: A paraphrasing tool may be used to reword existing work, paraphrasing tools can help in some way to avoid copyright infringement and plagiarism. If you learn how to reword a sentence using, there’s no need to worry about those things.

We’ve all had to paraphrase something we’ve read at some point. It’s only natural to want to put our own spin on things, but the problem is that mistakes are easy to make, especially when it comes to spelling. You can use to prevent having to “fix” each sentence. View our tutorial for assistance in constructing paraphrases for any sentence.

Rewording Sentences with Wordbot

Are you new to content creation and paraphrasing, or have you done it before? You’ve just uncovered the best AI-powered paraphrase tool. Wordbot can make any of your sentences look like they were written by someone else or an extraterrestrial. The possibilities are unlimited, and is the way to go if you want to take control of your sentence!

How to Reword a Sentence with Wordbot

Rewording a sentence using is a great way to make a sentence sound original. This is a simple process that just takes a little time and patience. If you ever find yourself rewriting a sentence that sounds too generic, then paraphrasing is for you.

Reword Sentence Example 1

Let’s take the sentence “ is a super cool website that helps you find new ways to say the same thing in a different way.” and run that through Wordbot.

reworded sentence example

Wordbot was able to generate 3 different versions of the original sentence. You can either choose one of the three sentences or run them through wordbot again to see what you get.

Rewording sentence Example 2

Lets test out one more sentence from a website called Taking the sentence “Luckily, NBC is hosting a live stream of the game online that you can watch on a variety of devices—but you’ll have to pay to access it.” and running it through wordbot gave us another 3 different variations.

how to reword a sentence in wordbot

Taking one of the new versions will give you either 1. A new starting point to adjust or add more wording to the sentence. 2. A completely new sentence you can use vs the original one.

You must remember also when rephrasing a sentence, you will only get so many different variations. A sentence can only be changed so much before it starts to deviate away from its original meaning.

How is Wordbot’s Reword Tool Different from Others?

Wordbot uses the best GPT-3 machine learning algorithm Powered by OpenAI. OpenAI has been trained and fine-tuned to provide scientific word replacements without compromising the meaning of the sentence. Most of the tools out there simply offer a long list of synonyms. Wordbot reword tool only offers words that are directly replaceable without introducing errors. The rewording tool looks at the parts of speech of each word and selectively offers word substitutions with good accuracy.

How can Wordbot’s rewording tool features help improve my writing?

Wordbot has a couple of features outside of just rewriting sentences to help improve your overall writing experience. You can paraphrase entire articles, or sentences. When working with large articles or essays, Wordbot has a summarizer that can summarize the text into a shorter readable format, and a keyword extractor.

wordbot keyword extractor

The keyword extract can aid in finding new content to write about from other articles out there on the internet or existing essays or blogs.

What are the future updates to Wordbot’s rewording tool?

Wordbot currently is focusing on the core product and making sure that we produce the best summarizes, and paraphrases for every sentence that comes through the tool. As we start to grow, we will need to continue to make the product better.

Wordbot is building the best rewording tool on the planet and here are a couple improvements to look out for:

  • Improving UX
  • Improving Core AI
  • Mood / Tone 
  • Advanced Synonym Replacement
  • Full Foreign Language Support
  • SEO Optimization
  • Spinning Content

As we continue to improve on these you can lock in your lifetime access for only .99 cents per month.

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