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There are many reasons people from all walks of life need to rewrite sentences without changing their meaning. Some are professional writers struggling to perfectly word their sentence. Others are bloggers and website owners wanting to refresh their articles so they rank better in search engines, and yet others are students looking to rewrite sentences of an existing essay – trying to put someone else’s ideas into their own words for an assignment and not plagiarize.

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No matter the reason for people needing to rewrite sentences, is the ideal tool to get the job done. Wordbot is an AI-powered website created solely to rewrite sentences, paragraphs, articles, blog posts, essays, research papers, ad copy, corporate policies, and any other content needing rewrite and reworked.

Why is the Ideal Tool to Rewrite Sentences was built for the sole purpose of rewriting content. Many tools on the market attempt to solve many problems and do many things, such as create content, rewrite content, schedule content, etc. These tools are very bloated with feature creep and overly complex, ugly, and difficult to use. They remind me of CRM and ERP software. Software that is notorious for being over complex, nearly impossible to learn fast, and full of features that no-one wants – features dreamed up by the development team or requested by one person one time. is not like this. We have purposely designed it so a 10 year old child could use it. The interface is clean, simple, and attractive. The single goal of the software – to greatly improve your rewriting process by:

  • Allowing you to rewrite sentences in a fraction of the time it takes you now
  • Improving your writing by offering AI-generated paraphrases
  • Still giving you full control over the manual editing process

To accomplish this goal and keep our software easy to use, we only add features that are requested by a large portion of our user community. We thoroughly manage our backlog of product enhancements and only commit to new features or fixes that you want. If it’s not guaranteed to add value and improve your rewriting process, then we’re not adding it. 

Let’s take a look at some of the current features offers that can help improve your sentence rewriting productivity.

The Sentence Box to Rewrite Sentences

Rewrite Sentences

At the time of this writing,‘s rewriting platform consists of two primary sections – the file system and the text editor. The text editor is where content is imported, edited, saved, exported, and if desired summarized. However, the AI spinning and rewriting of the content, specifically sentences, happens in the sentence box, which is a modal window that opens over the text editor.

When you select content in the editor to rewrite, the sentence box breaks the content down sentence-by-sentence. It then presents each original sentence and three newly rewritten versions. This allows you to quickly choose the highest quality rewrite.

From this same screen, you can also rewrite sentences manually, regenerate new rewritten sentences (if you don’t like the first round of rewrites), and even view your SEO keywords to see if they’re included in your sentences. 

Lastly, we designed the Sentence Box from using it ourselves. We uses the tool religiously to rewrite articles and posts for this blog. It has improved our writing, increased our productivity, and best of all allowed us to design features that we know bloggers will value because we are bloggers and face the same challenges when creating content.

Rewrite Sentences With Superior AI

Openai GPT 3 to Rewrite Sentences utilizes cutting edge artificial intelligence to rewrite sentences. It currently uses the Openai GPT 3 technology which was designed by the world’s brightest minds. This technology consists of an AI engine and engineering mechanisms known as “prompts” to control the engine and actually rewrite sentences. The founders of, including myself are always in the lab, using the Openai Codex, and working hard to improve our prompts and thus‘s capabilities to rewrite sentences. 

We believe is one of the first sentence rewriters to utilize this exciting new technology exclusively to rewrite sentences. We believe it provides the best quality rewrites, will be maintained and improved by people much smarter than us for years to come, and allows us to focus much more of our resources on UX and feature design. We’re very confident‘s AI will only continue to improve from here, meaning better and better sentence rewrites for you.

Manual Edits are a Cinch

easily manually rewrite sentences

Although our software excels at generating great alternatives to your original sentences, we know that no sentence rewriter is perfect, quite the opposite. The need to manually edit a sentence will always arise if working with more than a single sentence.

Using the sentence box, it’s really easy to rewrite sentences manually when the need arises. When in the box and reviewing the AI-generated rewrites, simply click the Edit link to manually edit the sentence. It makes the sentence a text box allowing you to quickly change the sentence. From there, you can save and select it and move on to the next sentence. Automatically rewriting while also manually editing sentences has never been easier.

Freeze Words While You Rewrite Sentences to Keep Your Content SEO Optimized

Using our Freeze Word feature in the editor, you can save your SEO keywords and phrases for each article. Then, when you begin using our AI to rewrite sentences, will do its best to freeze, or lock those keywords into the sentences. This allows you to rewrite and refresh content that was already optimized for SEO without losing all the SEO value. Many article rewriters don’t offer this feature and force you to manually go back through your article and insert your SEO keywords – what a nightmare! We’re built by bloggers for bloggers and this is a prime example of that.

Synonym Box Coming Soon

There is some internal debate over this one, but the decision was ultimately made to implement a synonym box in the very near future. This will allow you to put your cursor in a word and quickly generate a list of synonyms for replacing it with. I personally don’t know how much I’ll use this feature, but for people who don’t have a rich vocabulary or are rewriting sentences in a non-native language, this feature could be a real win. It might also help us all when rewriting sentences that are filled with industry jargon. Stay tuned, this one is coming soon!

Quick Regeneration of Sentences

Once in the Sentence Box and navigating through sentence rewrites, there is a link you can click to regenerate the AI-generated sentences. This is a fantastic feature that came from us using the tool. The generated sentences are not always great the first time and sometimes not even the second, but our AI gets smarter each time the sentence is rewritten.

So to fix the issue of getting too many low quality sentences, outside of just improving our AI, we implemented a Regenerate link in the Sentence Box. It’s awesome! When you are reviewing a sentence and it’s three rewrites, if you don’t like any of the rewrites simply click the Regenerate link. It will produce three new sentence rewrites for you to review and they’re almost always better than the first set. Still don’t like the sentences, no problem, simply click the link again…and again…and again. 

You’ll find that you rarely have to regenerate more than once or twice and often not at all. The ease of manually editing sentences combined with this feature is the secret recipe to producing very high quality sentence rewrites in very little time.

Ultimate Control Over Your Writing

With all the above features to rewrite sentences, we still love to let people know that has a full rich text editor. Although Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, WordPress, and many others are much better for writing content, our text editor does just fine too. If you like or require full unabridged control over your writing, you can simply use the editor. Then as you review your content, you can highlight specific sentences or sections, click Paraphrase, and run them through the above mentioned Sentence Box. offers the ultimate flexibility when editing and rewriting your content. 

Summary was launched in September 2021 and is already making waves in the sentence rewriting space. We’re adding features and enhancements weekly, all based on user feedback, including implementing multi-lingual support in the near future. 

Currently,‘s sentence rewriting AI is already among the best in market and quickly improving. If you need to rewrite sentences today and well into the future, it’s hard to go wrong with a subscription to Thanks for reading and we hope you’ll give us a shot. We always welcome new users with a 7-day free trial and no-hassle one-click cancellation, so you can try the software out with no financial risk to you.

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