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TLDR is a website to help reword my paragraph. Wordbot gives me an updated version of my paragraph in seconds, produces quality content, and has increased my productivity by 500%+. Reworded content can be saved, shared, edited, and more. This article shows why is the go-to paragraph rewording tool.

This article itself was reworded by I froze my old key phrases, used the mass-rewrite option (no sentence box), and then swapped my locked keywords with new. I then manually edited and posted here. The entire rewrite process, including manual editing took 10 minutes. The original article is from our site.

Help Reword My Paragraph

Help Reword My Paragraph

I’m a web entrepreneur for 20+ years and write a lot of content, so I’m experienced in how to attract an online audience. When it comes to SEO, content is and has always been the key. You have to create a lot of content to get visitors to your site, and writing a lot of boring content about the same business over and over isn’t easy. 

Tools like wordbot help reword my paragraphs. To keep my evergreen content relevant, I must refresh it every three months or so. Wordbot helps me do that by rephrasing my paragraphs for me. It helps reword my paragraphs and update my article with the invigorated content. In this article, I help you learn how to reword your sentences, paragraphs, and articles so that your evergreen content stays relevant.

Wordbot is a SaaS, or software-as-a–service. Monthly subscription plans from let you pay as you go. The product launched several months ago, offering a 7-day free trial and billing at 99 cents a month after. wordbot originally offered a 99-cent lifetime subscription fee, but it now costs 4.99 per month, still with a lifetime price lock in.

Registering and signing up on Wordbot takes only a matter of seconds. Once you’re logged in, you can start writing and editing content. There are no hidden fees, character limits, or word limits when rewording paragraphs.

Help Reword My Paragraph – Getting Started

When you log in to the software, you will see your Home Screen. You can create, edit, and delete files and folders from the files screen. You can also load files from the files screen into the editor. The Files Screen is a great way to manage your work because it helps you organize your tasks. 

In my case, I keep the blog’s files in a folder called Adam’s Articles. As I continue to write more and more content for Wordbot, I will create folders named for the months. And then I’ll move the various articles into the month’s folder when I want to reword my articles’ paragraphs for re-posting on the blog. This helps me create a schedule for refreshing and updating my evergreen content. After creating my folders, it’s time to go to the Editor and start rephrasing my paragraphs. This can be done by clicking the pale green Editor icon on the left navigation menu. The software also opens up to the editor when first logging in.

The editor is where the bulk of the work happens. This includes saving, importing, and exporting files, rewording and rewriting my paragraphs, as well as summarizing articles. One really cool thing is I can import an article from the internet by simply pasting in the address.

Then the article’s content will be fetched and brought into the editor. This is something that I want when I want to base an article off of another or load my evergreen content directly from my blog post’s URL. By rewriting and editing my article several times I can transform it from the original, to a refreshed, improved one from an SEO perspective.

After I’ve pasted my content, I’m ready to begin writing my paragraphs. This is done by highlighting the specific paragraphs that I want to rephrase and clicking the Paraphrase button.

After clicking the “Paraphrase” button, I’m presented with the sentence box. This is a powerful feature of Wordbot and I believe it to be one of its strengths. Wordbot will present me with each sentence from the paragraph. For each sentence, I can choose from up to three suggested rewritten sentences. Re-writing the text in three different ways. If you prefer faster rewording, you can toggle of the Sentence Box and mass-reword your entire article at one time.

Whenever I am prompted to reword a paragraph, I always remember that Wordbot will remove all formatting. Due to that, I always make sure to reword my content before sprucing it up using Wordbot’s rich text editor. If you reformat it and then reword it, the formatting will be lost. Eventually, we’ll look into improving this process. For now, relying on plain text when rewording ensures wordbot gives you the highest quality rewords.

How Long Does It Take?

To give insight into how wordbot can help reword my paragraphs, I want to breakdown the article I recently reworded. The article had 76 sentences and 1,500 words. The importing option imported the article from the internet. I then clicked on the Start Rewriting button and wordbot started to help reword my paragraphs.

A box popped up with 76 sentences for rewording. It took about five seconds for the 76 sentences and the 228 proposed (or reworded) sentences to appear. 

From there, I tracked my time of navigating through the sentences and choosing the reworded ones. I lost the exact amount of time, but it was definitely between 15 and 20 minutes. After all, I had written 1500 words and 76 sentences. After that, I spent 10 minutes revising the article. I was able to make sure the article had high quality rewords, and I was able to put my own personal touches on it.

I edited a multiple-paragraph article that was of high quality and ready to be published in a blog post. My process for rewriting this article took around half an hour. The time savings offer huge. In theory, rewriting existing articles and editing them instead of writing all my content from scratch would increase my productivity by 500%+. I’ll take that all day long! If you do mass rewrites, which is a new feature, you can reword articles much faster yet, with time savings well over 1,000%+

Wordbot can help reword my paragraph. If you want to generate better worded sentences, paragraphs, and articles and increase your content marketing productivity by 500%+ then you can’t afford to not use Give it a try via the 7-day free trial today!

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