7 Useful Websites that Rewrite Paragraphs

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If you are into content writing, you would have been in situations where you will have to rewrite some paragraphs of the content. It can be any type of content. If it is online content, one main reason for the rewrite would be to remove the plagiarized paragraph from the article. It may take more time to rewrite a paragraph. So, it is always a good idea to use the service of websites that rewrite paragraphs.

In this article, I will share the 7 best websites that rewrite paragraphs for you. It will help you save a good amount of your writing time. So, let us get started.

1. WordBot AI

The WordBot is an AI-based content generator tool that supports the rewriting of paragraphs. One attractive feature of this website is that it supports rewriting in more than 100 languages. So if you want to rewrite a paragraph in a language other than English, you will find this website very useful.

The WordBot AI also offers 2000 free words per month. However, if you have more word count, you can consider going for a premium version that starts with a basic package for $2.99 per month.

WordBot makes use of the GPT-3 engine for rewriting. It is the latest and the greatest AI engine so far. Thus, you will get the best results from WordBot. The GPT-3 engine also offers the best rewrite speed. There is no wait time. Therefore, it will help to accelerate the rewriting of the paragraphs.

Another cool feature about rewriting in Wordbot is that the tool offers 3 rewrite sentence options for each of the sentences in the paragraph. It will help you create the best rewrite content. You will also get the option to swap synonyms.

2. QuillBot

Quillbot makes use of AI to rewrite paragraphs. It is one of the popular websites that rewrite paragraphs. They also do summarize the paragraph. You can use it for free.

It is also possible to set different tones for the paragraph. The tones include standard, fluency, creative, formal, creative+, etc. So, if you are interested in switching the tone of the text, you can definitely consider using this website. They also provide the option to replace the words in the paragraph with synonyms.

It is not 100 percent perfect all the time. You can expect some errors at times. The quality of the rewrite depends on the quality of the input text also. So, you need to ensure that the input text is proper.

They also provide the option to integrate their tool with Chrome and Google Docs. So, you can easily do the rewrite on these platforms.

In the free version, you can only rewrite up to 125 words. If you have more content to rewrite, you need to buy the premium one. Also, the plagiarism checker is available only in the premium version.

3. Frase

You can also use the Frase website for rewriting paragraphs. It is an AI-based website. You can go to the paragraph rewriter section and enter your paragraph for rewriting. The website will generate the rewritten content once you click the Generate button.

Another interesting feature of the Frase rewriter is that it can convert the paragraph into a list. This conversion option can be good for certain online content.

You can enter up to 400 words in the paragraph rewriter tool of the Frase website. If you have lots of paragraphs in your article, you need to enter them one by one to get the rewritten paragraph. If you are not happy with the rewritten text, you can click on the “Re-Generate” button to create another version of the paragraph.

This tool is completely free, and no signup is required.

4. Spinbot

Spinbot is another website that supports free paragraph rewrites. It is possible to enter a maximum of 10000 characters in this tool. You can easily spin your old content into a new article with the help of this tool.

You don’t need to do any signup or register on this website. They also offer a premium plan. If you want to avoid the captcha and the advertisements, you can go for one of these plans.

The rewritten content from Spinbot is readable and meaningful.

5. Paraphrasing Tool

The Paraphrasing tool is another good website for rewriting paragraphs. It comes with a simple interface. You can rewrite content up to 10,000 words using this website.

The background software in this website does a good job of rewriting by taking several factors into account while paraphrasing the content. In addition, it is a free tool that generates content within seconds.

6. Paraphrase Online

Paraphrase Online is another website that is capable of rewriting paragraphs. It comes with an easy-to-use interface. First, you need to enter your content in the “Text Before” box. After that, click on the “Paraphrase” button. You can see the rewritten text in the “Text After” box.

This website does a decent job of converting the paragraph into different words while retaining the same meaning.

7. Duplichecker

The Duplichecker website supports plagiarism checks, grammar and spelling checks along with the rewriting tool. It is a free tool. You don’t have to register on the website to use the rewrite tool.

Once the website generates the rewritten content, you can use the grammar and plagiarism checker to ensure that the text is original and free from mistakes. You can input up to 2000 words in their article rewriter tool. They also allow you to upload the document directly for rewriting the paragraphs.

Final Thoughts

Now you know the different free and paid websites that can help you rewrite paragraphs. You are free to choose the service of any of these websites. Many of these websites are also capable of creating content with a few clicks. So, depending on your content requirement, you can select one. Make sure to select a tool that gives you all the required toolset for your content creation work at a faster rate.

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