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As we strive to be the beset website that rewords sentences, paragraphs, articles, essays and more, we continue to add features that either help accelerate or improve your writing. Today, we have added another feature to do just that – synonym swapping. From the Sentence Box tool, you can now quickly look up and replace words with a synonym. 

We would be lying if we said this feature is unique to or cutting edge – for years, tools like Microsoft Word have allowed users to see lists of synonyms for words. However, its nonetheless and important new feature for a few reasons.

Synonym Swapping Provides Another Way to Reword

To help our users rewrite content, it goes without saying that we want to provide as many ways as possible to do just that. If we’re going to be known as a website that rewords text, then we need to be able to reword text. Rewording ultimately comes down to changing words and/or content structure. Our website already has many ways to do this, but before today synonym swapping was not one of them and that was a problem. Although not cutting edge AI or a new concept, synonym swapping is very important to the rewriting process and a must have tool for any website that rewords text. 

Synonym Swapping Helps Improve Writing

Not everyone has a robust vocabulary. In fact, most of us don’t. Additionally, many people are writers, virtual assistants, bloggers, and marketers from countries different than their clients. This means a lot of people are creating content in a language other than their native tongue. For these people, a synonym swapper can greatly improve their writing.

They can now easily click any word within wordbot and and see a list of five synonyms for the word. To choose a synonym and replace the original word, they just click it. It’s now unbelievably easy to scan sentences, click any word, view the list of possible replacements, select one and use it. Rewording and improving your writing has never been easier.

Our Website That Rewords Text – A Growing list of Features

With synonym swapping now available, let’s review a few of the most useful features now offers the user for rewriting text

Stellar AI

Forget the pathetic rewriters of the past. Seriously, forget they existed. Wordbot’s AI is cutting edge and actually produces rewrites that are high quality and usually indistinguishable and quite frankly better than a human’s.

Full Text Editor

At the core of is a rich text editor. Quickly begin your rewriting process by pasting in content, loading content from a URL, opening a file, or writing directly in the editor.

Highlighting Sentences, Paragraphs, Entire Articles

To begin rewriting content, simply highlight want you want to reword. This is a simple, yet powerful feature. You can highlight 6 words, a single sentence, 3 sentences, two paragraphs, or the entire article. You have full control over what you rewrite. We also offer buttons to quickly highlight the current sentence (where your cursor is) and the entire article, so if speed is your thing no need to manually highlight.

Sentence By Sentence Reword Approach

Once your content is highlighted and you launch the rewrite process (by clicking a button), you get to review several paraphrases for each sentence in an easy-to-navigate popup window. We call this the Sentence Box and this is where the real magic happens. 

3 Paraphrases for Each Sentence

For every original sentence, we show you three proposed rewrites. Simply tap the one you want to use.

Quickly Regenerate Paraphrase Over and Over

If the three paraphrases aren’t to your liking, no worries, simply click the Regenerate link and get a fresh set of three in seconds. You can generate dozens of paraphrases all within seconds.

Manual Editing as You Rewrite

As you review each paraphrase, you can click edit and quickly tweak the paraphrase to your liking. A combination of automated and manual rewriting always produces the best rewrites with minimal effort.

Freeze Words – Lock SEO Keywords

Rewriting content that is already optimized for SEO? No problem, just enter in your list of keywords and wordbot will do its best to not change them when rewriting your content.

And Now, Synonym Swapping

Easily click any word in a paraphrase and see a list of synonyms. You can then click a synonym to swap it with the original, all automatically done by wordbot as you continue to rewrite.

Website That Rewords – Synonym Swapping Example

Below is an example of the new synonym swapping feature. I replace two words in a simple sentence – dog is replaced with pooch and walk is replaced with stroll. Because the exchange happens directly in the Sentence Box, swapping synonyms in for original words is very fast and efficient and barely disrupts the rewriting process.

website that rewords - synonyms swapping 1
We view a list of synonyms for the word dog by clicking on dog
website that rewords - synonyms swapping 2
We clicked the synonym pooch and wordbot closed the synonyms window and swapped it in for dog
website that rewords - synonyms swapping 3
Showing another example, we view synonyms for the word walk
website that rewords - synonyms swapping 4
We select stroll and wordbot swaps it in for walk

Summary, the website that rewords content, has added the ability to see a synonym list for words and replace the original word in the text with a chosen synonym from the list. The new feature is fully live on the site, but still in beta with improvements and bug fixes sure to come. The ability to quickly swap synonyms get us even closer to achieving our goal of allowing writers to more quickly rewrite sentences that are high quality.

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