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When using an SEO paraphrasing tool to rewrite content, it’s paramount that you have the ability to keep your targeted keywords and / or key phrases in your content. However, this can be a challenge when using an automatic rewrite tool. 

The automation saves an immense amount of time, but is also prone to removing your targeted keywords and key phrases, greatly reducing the SEO value of your article. If you’re looking to rewrite content that is rich in SEO value, it’s critical that your SEO paraphrasing tool have the ability to freeze (or not remove) your predefined keywords. 

SEO Paraphrasing Tool | What is Keyword Freezing?

Keyword freezing is an SEO paraphrasing tool feature that allows you to freeze, or not rewrite, your keywords and key phrases. It typically works by telling the tool which words and phrases you want to remain in the article. Once you begin the paraphrasing process, the tool will then leave those key terms in the content, keeping your article fully optimized for those words.

For example, let’s pretend I have an existing article that focuses on the key phrase Italian restaurant. Let’s next pretend the article has a headline that reads “5 Marketing Tips to Increase Customers By 50% For Your Italian Restaurant.” If we rewrite this headline without freezing the phrase Italian Restaurant, the SEO paraphrasing tool may change Italian restaurant to restaurant, thus removing my key term from a headline that holds extra weight with search engines.

Does Wordbot’s Paraphrasing Tool Support Keyword Freezing For SEO?

Yes. Wordbot does support keyword freezing. It supports both single words and long tail key phrases. For example, if you’re a car dealer optimizing an article to attract potential customers looking to buy a 2017 black Honda Pilot SUV, you could choose to freeze any of the terms SUV, black SUV, and 2017 black Honda Pilot. With terms that have multiple words, keep in mind order does matter. The phrase 2017 black Honda Pilot is not the same phrase as Honda Pilot black 2017. In this case, if you wanted to target both variations of the keyword, you certainly can, you would just need to freeze both variations.

An Example of Keyword Freezing With Wordbot’s Paraphraser

Logging in an Loading Our Content

Let’s look at how to freeze keywords using Wordbot’s SEO paraphrasing tool. To begin, I will login to, click the Editor icon, and paste in a paragraph from one of our existing blog articles. The paragraph used in the following example is the opening paragraph to the blog post titled Paraphrasing Examples With Answers | GPT-3 Prompt. I didn’t strategically choose content, I just went to one of my previous posts and grabbed a paragraph.

SEO Paraphrasing Tool Loading Content

Why and Which SEO Keywords To Freeze

This is a short and sweet introduction paragraph that contains three sentences. Notice in the screenshot, I circled the phrase paraphrasing examples with answers. Also notice the same four-word-phrase exists in the article’s title. You can see this in the link above.

The article in our example was originally written using Wordbot’s SEO paraphrasing tool and targeted the long tail key phrase paraphrasing examples with answers. When people Google that exact phrase, we want the article to show first in the search results and get the users’ clicks. 

Now, let’s pretend we achieved our goal and the article reached the number one result and was bringing in several visitors per day. Then, fast forward six months and the same article has dropped to fourth in results. It’s still driving meaningful traffic, but not as much. To fix this problem, we’ll refresh our article and remove the stale connotation. Regularly updated articles stay relevant longer.

Entering Our Freeze Word(s)

Before we begin paraphrasing the paragraph, we need to freeze our SEO keyword phrase. To do this, we click the Freeze Words button in the formatting toolbar. This pops up the below window, which currently has no terms in it.

SEO Paraphrasing Tool 2

Next, we  enter the phrase paraphrasing examples with answers and press the ENTER key on our keyboard. The phrase now appears as a red pill in the window. From here, we could continue to add freeze words and phrases. We can also click the red X on the pill to remove the freeze word. When done entering our freeze words, which for our example we are, we can close the window and continue on to paraphrasing our content.

SEO Paraphrasing Tool 3
SEO Paraphrasing Tool 4

Paraphrasing the Paragraph, Keeping Our SEO Key Phrase

If rewriting an entire article or paragraph like in our example, we would typically select all the content and then click Paraphrase button. But because in this example we’re only concerned with the single sentence that contains our freeze word, we’re going to just highlight and rewrite the single sentence. To do this, we place our cursor anywhere in the sentence and click the Highlight Sentence button. 

SEO Paraphrasing Tool 5

Next, we click the Paraphrase button and the Sentence Box popup appears. This box will include the original highlighted sentence and three paraphrased versions. The paraphrases should include our freeze word(s) colored in red.

SEO Paraphrasing Tool 6


The ability to leave keywords in the content when using an SEO paraphrasing tool is critical to those wanting to rewrite and optimize content to gain traffic. Wordbot gives you that ability with its word freezing feature explained in this article.

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