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Welcome to another blog post in our Rewrite Series on paraphrasing content. In these posts, I run content through our latest in-progress GPT-3 prompt to test the quality of the rewrites. These posts in turn produce paraphrasing examples with answers, allowing you to see exactly how our ai paraphrasing tool rewrites articles, sentences, and paragraphs.

In this post, I’m going to use a news article from NPR. The article can be found here and is about shortages of goods in Grocery Stores. We’ll let our ai prompt rewrite two of the article’s headlines and five randomly chosen paragraphs. 

This test is against our version 6 (V6) GPT-3 paraphrasing prompt.

Let’s get started.

Paraphrasing Examples With Answers | The Examples and Answers

ai paraphrasing tool bot


Grocery store shortages are back. Here are some of the reasons why.


There's a grocery store shortage again. Here's why…


The above headline has two brief sentences. I love the rewrite our prompt produced for this headline. It’s shorter than the original, to the point, and ends with some nice three-dot punctuation at the end for a great transition into the article. 

Original (Example):

Social media is rife with images of empty supermarket aisles and signs explaining the lack of available food and other items. Stores such as Aldi have apologized to customers for the shortages.

Paraphrased (Answer):

Social media is full of pictures of empty grocery stores and signs that say there is no food available. Stores such as Aldi apologized to their customers for the shortages.


Our prompt turned in another high quality rewrite. The sentence rewording is subtle, but the prompt did a nice job of rewording them. It reduced the word count by just two (32 to 30), but notice how much shorter the rewritten paragraph is. The prompt not only shorted the text by two words, but it used shorter words. The character count went from 162 to 143, excluding whitespace. A nice compact rewrite.


Original (Example):

The reasons for the dwindling stock are numerous, according to food industry analysts, and include some issues that impacted retailers at the beginning of the pandemic as well as challenges that have cropped up more recently.

Paraphrased (Answer):

The reasons for the stock's dwindling is many, including some obstacles that retailers were facing at the beginning of the pandemic, and some challenges that cropped up more recently.


What looks like a paragraph is a single sentence. This compound sentence is huge and had me very interested on how our gpt-3 prompt would handle it. The original sentence came in at 36 words and 190 characters excluding whitespace. 

Our rewrite came in at 29 words and 155 characters (again excluding whitespace). Another high quality, compact rewrite. The rewrite added some words like obstacles and reworded some words like changing numerous to many. It dropped the entire according to food industry analysts section, so we might want to manually edit that back in.

Original (Example):

The omicron variant

Paraphrased (Answer):

Garbage data


Full disclosure, I knew we wouldn’t get a rewrite on this headline, but wanted to see how the prompt would react. Open AI’s dataset isn’t current enough to handle omicron, so gpt-3 has absolutely no clue what we’re referring to when we say omicron. If we had surrounding text for context, the prompt would probably return a decent result by guessing, but with our three word headline there is no such chance. Our prompt returned total gibberish.


Original (Example):

The highly contagious new COVID-19 variant that's causing record infections in the U.S. is undoubtedly one of the biggest stressors on the food industry right now.

Paraphrased (Answer):

Rewrite 1

The highly contagious new COVID-19 variant that's causing record infections in the U.S. is unquestionably one of the biggest stressors on the food industry right now.

Rewrite 2

The highly viral new COVID-19 strain in the U.S. has caused record infections and is a stressor on the food industry.


This rewrite is very interesting. We ran the original sentence through the prompt and got an honorable, albeit not great rewrite. The rewritten sentence changed from the original by a single word – undoubtedly was changed to unquestionably. Hardly earth shattering.

When I get too subtle of a rewrite like this, I always run the content through the prompt a second time. When using our ai paraphrasing tool, you can easily do this with the click of a button.

The new sentence rewrite is just 23 words compared to the original 28. The sentence is concise, conveys the full meaning of the original, and is very well written. An absolutely awesome rewrite. Apparently, the ai model learned from the first go around!

Original (Example):

Grocery store workers are catching the virus in higher numbers and calling out sick, making it tougher for markets to keep shelves stocked. The stores themselves are finding it harder to source products because of the new strain.

Paraphrased (Answer):

Grocery store workers are getting the virus more often and calling in sick, making it tough for markets to keep shelves stocked. The stores are also finding it harder to source products because of the new strain.


We finish this prompt testing example with another great paragraph rewrite. We only reduced the paragraph by one word, 38 to 37, but again see how much shorter the rewritten paragraph is. That’s because we went from 192 characters to just 176. The paragraph rewrite is much more concise and better written.

The Conclusion

In this example of paraphrasing examples with answers, our V6 gpt-3 article rewriter prompt nailed this grocery store shortage article excerpt from NPR. With the exception of the omicron headline and the one compound sentence we needed to run twice, the prompt did a fantastic job. Even on the compact sentence, the second run produced arguably the best rewrite of the entire test.

If refreshing content or rewriting articles is part of your job description, give a try. As you can see in this prompt-testing post, and our gpt-3 article rewriting prompts are already producing very high-level results and we’re just getting started.

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