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Are you looking for a rewrite text generator? If the answer is yes, might be the tool for you. Wordbot’s rewrite text generator is leading the wave of new text rewriting tools that use the latest in advanced artificial intelligence to produce high quality, human readable rewritten sentences, paragraphs, articles, and essays.

Wordbot uses the latest in natural language processing and deep machine learning to take your original content and create new content. The new content is both unique truly human quality. Let’s look at some of the reasons people use a rewrite text generator.

Using Our Rewrite Text Generator Tool To Create Blog Articles

Blogging is all about building an audience. Writers create blogs and use them as a platform to tell their stories to others. Companies create blogs to keep their audience in the know regarding the company’s products, services, and goings on. Web entrepreneurs and website owners create blogs to attract websites visitors who are interested in their products. Regardless of the type of audience, the blog’s purpose is always the same – attract an audience that is interested in the goods or services that you’re offering. 

Our rewrite text generator tool helps bloggers write more content by drastically speeding up the creating and editing process. Bloggers can quickly write each paragraph and use wordbot to rewrite it several times, all while making manual edits. You would be surprised how fast and thoroughly a blogger can turn their initial drafts into final versions by using this semi-automated rewriting process.

Refresh Existing Blog Articles With Our Text Generator

As a website builds their blog and has more and more content attracting visitors, maintenance of that content becomes a concern. Many articles become stale and gradually lose their search relevance. For example, maybe the article relates to a past year, an old current event, or a now dated technology. As relevance wanes, the traffic the article attracts dwindles to nothing.

Our rewriting tool can help you prevent this slow fade into oblivion. Wordbot allows you to quickly import your article by copying and pasting from you site or simply entering in the web url and clicking import. From there, you can use wordbot’s rich text editor to quickly rewrite, or refresh, your old article to be more current. 

Although we haven’t yet created the feature, we would like to create a content scheduler within Wordbot where you can schedule specific blog posts and articles rewrites. You could even schedule the rewrite with a specific goal in mind, such as “Change the year from 2021 to 2022”. Wordbot would then rewrite the article according to your instructions and store it off for your final review and posting to its destination.

Our Text Rewriter Can Assist in The Writing Process

Not all of us, me included, are great writers. Writers, journalists, novelists, and everyone else can struggle with expressing themselves through writing. It can be challenging to craft a succinct and meaningful sentence or paragraph. 

Our rewrite text generator can help by proposing rewrites for each of your sentences. You can jot down a poorly worded sentence or idea and click the paraphrase button. Wordbot will then go to work and start proposing replacement sentences that are often totally different than the original but still hold the same meaning. This process is a great way to overcome writer’s block and find just the right words for your sentence or paragraph.

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To Rewrite Headlines With Our Tool

Our rewrite text generator is a great tool for rewriting headlines. Similar to overcoming writer’s block, you can quickly type several headlines for a product, service, Google or Facebook ad, job description, and much more. Then, using the paraphrase button quickly work through those headlines by reviewing each set of rewrites and choosing the best ones to replace the original headlines.

Wordbot offers a file system to which is nice for headline rewriting and creation. You can use the rewrite text generator tool to rewrite the headlines and then the file system to organize them under folders, by advertising platform, blog category, etc. Whatever you can imagine you can do.

Create Compelling Sales and Marketing Copy

If you’re working on an ad for a platform like Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn or sales copy for your own website or a client, Wordbot has you covered. Its rich text editor makes it a cinch to create and rewrite ads and sales copy. Simply type or paste in your content, highlight the areas you want to rewrite, and begin generating new content. You can then reiterate as many times as needed until you have the perfect copy.

You can also save and organize your work before, during, and after the content rewriting and creation phase. Don’t feel pressured into finishing your edits in a single setting. Simply use the text generator to rewrite and iterate, save your work, and then return when ready to resume it.

Use Our Rewrite Text Generator For Corporate Statements

Corporate policies like Personal Time Off, Vacation Policies, Sexual Harassment Policies, Health and Safety documents, Job Descriptions, and many more corporate and Human Resources policies, procedures, and documents are easily created, rewritten, and edited using Wordbot. 

Take the difficult and mundane out of your work and let Wordbot do the heavy lifting. There is no pleasure or sense in reinventing the wheel, so using wordbot to take an existing policy or procedure and tweak it to fit your company’s need makes much more sense. To boot, with these documents, there is no need to worry about plagiarism.

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