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Have you ever thought about how much harder it is to write rather than speak your thoughts. Absent a speech impediment, most of us can speak our thoughts with relative ease when compared to writing those exact same thoughts.  We know what we are trying to say, but we don’t know how to type it. 

When it comes to pulling out my laptop and typing words on the keyboard, it is incredibly difficult to transform those thoughts into sentences and eventually paragraphs to make written content.  Like most people, when I start to write content, I spend the first five minutes staring at a blank computer screen.  After a customary blank-stare period, I start to type words.  Then, I immediately delete them and start over.  The words eventually transform into a sentence.  With the first sentence finally written, I prepare to write the next sentence.  Only, I start to reread my first sentence again and decide I don’t like it anymore, so I try again.  I delete more words and sentences than I write. I rewrite my paragraphs over and over again.

The Cons of Rewriting Tools

Writing content is hard

Writing content is not easy. Let’s face it, the process of writing is hard.  Unless you are a talented professional writer, you probably struggle like me to produce well-written content.  It doesn’t mean that I can’t do it. It takes me a long time to go from thoughts to a written finished product.  I struggled to do it when I was a student in high school and college.  I still struggle to do it today for my work.  In order to produce a quality final document, I rewrite my paragraphs and sentences an insane amount of times.  Each time I rewrite my paragraph, it gets a little bit better.  The iterative rewriting process consumes a large chunk of time, so I went on a search for technology that could possibly help me.  Thankfully, I found a tool that helps me rewrite my paragraphs better than I can. (see link


Wordbot is the first tool to effectively utilize the latest in artificial intelligence to rewrite my paragraphs better than I can.  That’s right, the bot can rewrite my paragraph better than I can.  This would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the incredible advances in machine learning.  Without today’s AI-enabled technology, computers could not effectively handle the semantics of human language.  Additionally, rewriting tools of the past would crumble when tasked with real world references or technical subject matter. (See article on “AI Paraphrasing Tool“)  That is no longer the case, Wordbot has leveraged the latest in deep learning artificial intelligence to create a rewriting and summarizing tool that blows the competition out of the water.  It is crazy to think that we have reached a point in time and technology where a computer can rewrite my paragraph in a millisecond.


Let’s take a little stroll down memory lane for a quick minute.  At thirty seven years old, I can remember shopping with my mom before the school year started.   The teacher would snail mail a school supply list, and my mom and I would go shopping for supplies like college ruled notebooks and pencil sharpeners. Remember those college-ruled notebooks for school??  It really wasn’t too long ago that I actually wrote school reports… on paper… with a pen!  Can you imagine? Pen and paper?! Yikes!!  If I had to rewrite my paragraph, I did just that– rewrote my paragraph… with a pen on a piece of paper.

Rewriting my paragraphs used to require a lot lead and paper.

By the time I was in high school, Microsoft Word became the preferred tool for word processing.  Even still, I would have to print out my “paper” and turn in a hardcopy to the teacher before the due date.  My essay had to be printed on a physical sheet paper and handed to the teacher to be considered “turned in.”  If you are old enough to remember with me, it is crazy to actually sit back and think about what writing a report for high school actually entailed twenty years ago.  Even with the technology advances of the time like PCs and word processing programs, the process of writing a school report usually started with writing sentences on a piece of paper.  I would then take the written draft of my paper and have to type it into my computer.  Compared to typewriters, that was a remarkable advancement.

Where are we heading?

Fast forward to today, and we have come a long way.  In fact, we have come so far that most of today’s youth can’t even write on paper or spell for that matter because they are so dependent on technology to do it for them.  I don’t want to dive down that rabbit hole in this article.  (See research paper on “Technology and Today’s Youth“)  

Word processing software programs have forever changed the way we write words, sentences, paragraphs, reports, books, and articles.  Technology improvements allow for easy drafting and rewriting.  All I have to do is hit a backspace key, and I can rewrite my paragraphs for articles on my laptop with incredible ease when compared to thirty years ago.  However, the words still don’t just show up on my screen; I have to type them.  Most word processing programs can automatically spellcheck our writing and give suggestions, but none of them can rewrite my paragraph.  Wordbot cannot only rewrite my paragraph but also do it better and way quicker.


Wordbot’s break-through in artificial intelligence technology delivers to writers of all backgrounds and skillsets a powerful new tool.  (See article “OpenAI Codex“) Whether you are student or marketing professional, Wordbot will shorten the time it takes to get from rough draft to finished product.  Unfortunately, Wordbot doesn’t think for us and write the initial paragraphs.  Artificial intelligence technology is still a long way from that point (if ever).  However, once my thoughts have been typed into paragraphs, Wordbot’s artificial intelligence rewrites my paragraphs and fast tracks them closer to a finished product.  I still have to make the finishing touches and adjustments, but I get to the skip the agonizing time suck of rewriting the same paragraphs over and over again. (See article “How to rewrite sentences with Wordbot“)

Once I have completed a rough draft, I will run it through Wordbot’s rewriter tool.  By the time I blink, Wordbot has rewritten my paragraph for me.  Wordbot strips out unnecessary or clunky wording.  It cleans up syntax to make sentences flow better in my paragraphs.  What makes Wordbot truly special is the bot’s ability to read and understand the sentence and not lose its meaning or key words in the rewrite.  Previous rewriting tools would often take out key words or phrases that were paramount to the mean of the paragraph. Wordbot’s artificial intelligence can understand situational context and colloquialisms.

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