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So, you’re looking for an English Rewriting Tool. As a Virtual Assistant, there will be times where you will need to rewrite content from different languages. Nothing can be more difficult than having to find translator apps or other websites to help with day-to-day tasks.

Using AI backed technology Wordbot.io has improved the quality of content that bloggers, students and more importantly Virtual Assistants push out. Along with an improved editor, Wordbot has introduced the best English rewriting tool, to allow you to translate your content to and from over 100+ languages.

What is a rewriting tool?

Rewriting tools are tools that can help guide you in rewriting content in your own words. Many different professions have different reasons why they seek out a tool of this type.

Virtual Assistants can be found all around the world working for companies in their native language or their second language. English Rewriting tools like wordbot.io can help bloggers, journalist and professionals and write in different languages to support other readers of their content.

Lets take a couple paragraphs and show the full capabilities of the AI translator going from English to Spanish.

Translate from English to Spanish

When rewriting content, you may come across a lot of English articles that may be beneficial to users who only know how to speak Spanish. How would you normally translate that content.

Most users would first, write the content in a text editor. That editor may be word, notepad, wordpress etc. Then take that content and run it through some language translator. Lastly Put it all together.

If working with existing content, then you may even have to figure out a tool to rewrite the content as well.

In this order wordbot english rewriting tool can do the below list steps for you all online:

  • Allow you to create a folder to save you work in
  • Use a text editor to start writing or copy existing content in
  • Using AI rewrite the content into three different versions
  • Translate the text to and from over 100 different languages
  • Save you work to work on in the future

Wordbot English Rewriting Tool Example

I’m going to take the following existing text and copy it into the wordbot editor.

Original Text:
It is the culmination of a year of maturation in which Boston has become the best player in the women's college game, has improved on all her skills and has realized that her voice as a Black woman and a prominent athlete is a gift she wants to use. From the low of that missed shot in San Antonio, Boston was determined she wouldn't miss her next opportunity at a national championship.

Then taking that original text and running it through wordbot we were able to get a rewritten format of that in Spanish

English to Spanish Version:
Ha sido un año de maduración en el que Boston se ha convertido en la mejor jugadora universitaria femenina, ha mejorado todas sus habilidades y se da cuenta de que su voz como mujer negra es un regalo que quiere usar. Desde lo más bajo de ese tiro fallado en San Antonio, Boston estaba decidida a no perder su próxima oportunidad en un campeonato nacional.
english rewriter tool

Wordbot during the translation also uses GPT 3 AI and rewrites the content into a variation of was originally written. As we continue to improve the AI engine the rewrites will continue to get better and smarter also.


Using only one editor to do all of your work in can save you a lot of time and money. Imagine not having to have multiple software packages or save your work in multiple places. Using wordbot you could easily Rewrite text in english or over 100 different languages to increase the amount of content you output weekly.

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