AI Powered Copywriting – Does It Really Help?

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Now, we can see that Artificial Intelligence is getting into many fields. But, when it comes to copywriting, you can see that many AI powered online content creators are available for you. So, the question is, what is AI powered copywriting? What benefits does AI offer in the field of copywriting? We will find the answers to all these questions through this article.

Let us get started.

What is AI Powered Copywriting?

When you leverage the power of AI for creating content, it is called AI powered copywriting. In this case, you will be using a tool that uses AI to create content. The tool will learn to make the articles with the help of billions of pages on the internet. It is a continuous learning process. Then, the software utilizes this knowledge gained from millions of other content to create the content for you. So, you will be able to do copywriting with minimal effort.

What are the Advantages of AI powered copywriting?

There are plenty of benefits of using AI for copywriting. I will list all these advantages below.

1. Helps to Save Valuable Time

When you do the copywriting work manually, it involves lots of effort. First, you need to research the topic. Then, you need to sort out all the points appropriately to create the outline for the article. After doing that, you need to start writing the article. Once you finish the article, you will have to proofread it at least a couple of times to fix all the spelling and grammatical errors. So, it requires a considerable amount of time to create worthy content. The time will vary according to the topic and the number of words.

If you are using the service of a copywriter, after receiving the article, you need to go through the article to ensure that there are no spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. This process takes some time.

You can save a good amount of your valuable time if you invest in a good AI powered copywriting tool. You can easily create the required content in no time with an AI tool.

2. Faster Generation of Content

On average, it will take a minimum of 2 to 3 hours to write a 200-word high-quality content. So, you can only write 3 to 4 articles on a daily basis. When you have more clients, you will have to deliver more articles. So, you will end up employing more people to distribute the content creation job. Thus, you are losing some amount of profit from your copywriting work.

You can create content manually at a linear rate, whereas the AI tool can create the content at an exponential rate.

If you use the service of an AI powered content creator tool, you can easily create a 2000-word article in less than 5 minutes. Then, you will have to just go through the article to ensure that you convey the required information. So, you will be able to create more content at the same time. This faster generation of content will help to deliver all the content to your client by yourself. You just need to invest in the online AI tool, and no need to employ more writers.

3. More Accurate than Humans

When you do copywriting work, you must put lots of effort into creating the content. But still, there will be many errors that you cannot avoid. You will need many rounds of proofreading to fix all these errors in the text. You cannot share the content directly with your client. All the errors need to be fixed. Otherwise, it will look unprofessional.

Such errors will not happen in the case of an AI tool. The tool will give you the option to fine-tune the conversational tone of the content also. There won’t be any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in the content generated by AI.

4. Cost-saving Option when Compared to a Copywriter

When you employ the service of a copywriter, you will have to pay them. They will either charge you per word or per hour for the content.

When you have lots of articles to create, you will have to spend a lot on the copywriting part. If you use the service of an experienced copywriter, you will end up paying more. Once you receive the article from your copywriter, you need to go through the article to ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes. You will also have to invest in a plagiarism checking tool to ensure that the content written by the copywriter is unique and not a copied one.

If you make use of an AI powered copywriting tool like WordBot, you can really save a good amount of money.

5. Good Quality Content

You always want high-quality content for your brand. However, when you use the service of a copywriter, the quality of the content can sometimes drop, especially if there are many articles to write. The AI helps to avoid all such human errors.

You can see a repetition of words and overuse of phrases and adjectives in content created by humans. In addition, it can affect the reading flow. AI helps fix all these common issues associated with the manual content generation method.

Professional quality content from AI helps to engage your readers in a better way. It will help you to bring more clients. AI tool never gets distracted or tired. The constant learning process with the help of AI helps to get better articles every time from an AI powered copywriting tool.

So, you can always guarantee top-quality content with the help of AI, provided you choose the right AI based tool.

6. Easy to Repurpose Old Content

Many times, you will have to write on the same topic again and again if you are into copywriting work. In addition, as a copywriter, you may find it difficult to rephrase the content properly for multiple customers.

There are no such issues when it comes to an AI powered copywriting tool. You can easily repurpose your old content in multiple ways with the help of AI. You just need to enter the topic for the article, and the tool will create the content for you. If you don’t like the content, you can regenerate another version.

7. Helps to Avoid Writer’s Block Issue

If you are into copywriting, you would have faced the famous writer’s block issue many times. It is a natural thing that happens to almost all writers. However, this issue can also occur when you go through the already written content and find that some of the texts do not go well with the topic. This issue results in wasting a good amount of your valuable time. So, you will end up spending more time creating the content.

If you use an AI powered copywriting tool like WordBot, you will never have to face this issue. The tool will easily generate the article with a few clicks. You can get multiple choices for the content. You can select any of the texts from the generated results.

8. Helps to Create Fresh Content

When you write lots of articles, there is a chance that you might be reusing the same content unknowingly. It will result in redundant content in the article.

You might be writing about outdated content for the article based on your research. But AI will generate the content based on new information. Thus, AI brings more value to your content.

As a human, you will run out of ideas at some point in time or the other. But AI will never run out of ideas. AI will also ensure that the content generated by the tool is fresh all the time.

9. Avoid the Stress of Deadlines

You need to deliver the content within the deadline whenever you take any copywriting work. Sometimes, there can be a slip in deadlines due to some unforeseen issues. Sometimes, you might be forced to write the content fast since the customer needs copywriting quickly. So, you will be forced to write the article at a higher speed. It will put lots of stress on you.

If you leverage the power of an AI tool here, you can easily complete your article well ahead of the deadline and deliver it fast to the customer. So, your customer will be happy, and you will end up receiving more work and clients.

Is It Really Worthy to Use AI for Copywriting?

The above question will be there in your mind after going through the benefits of using an AI powered copywriting tool. There are many AI based copywriting programs out there. Some of these programs are really good when compared to others. So, you need to ensure to select the best one among them for your content needs.

Also, you cannot leave everything to the tool. You can use the AI tool to generate the content. Whatever content is generated by the program, you must read the whole text and make the necessary changes in the text if needed. So, in order to make the AI tool really worthy, you must fine-tune the final content generated by the tool.

One thing that makes the AI tool worthy is that it can create many types of content. For example, it includes blog posts, text for Twitter ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, summary for the text, article headlines, meta descriptions, SEO titles, blog intros, blog outlines, etc.

The number of features available will vary for different AI based content generator tools. Therefore, you need to check and ensure that the tool comes with all the necessary features required for your copywriting.

Will AI Replace Copywriters?

The rapid advancement of AI in the field of content creation may make copywriters worry about losing their jobs. But the fact is that AI technology cannot replace content writers.

The use of Artificial Intelligence can only help to accelerate the process of content creation. You will still need the human intervention along with the AI to create the content. The AI-powered software can only show you different text options for you. So, it is the job of the copywriter to decide which of this text will work best for the topic. Also, some amount of tweaking may be needed for this text to complete the whole article.

When you write meta descriptions, you want to include specific keywords in the text. However, the AI tool will not know about your targeted keyword. So, you need to add it manually in the text or inform the AI tool to add the text.


Now, you know the various advantages of using an AI powered copywriting tool for your brand or business. The fact that you can generate unique and fresh content in less time makes this tool very attractive. You can always consider investing in an AI-powered content generation tool like WordBot for your content needs.

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