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Are you a content writer? If yes, then you will be creating different types of texts for your clients. The process of writing text takes a reasonable amount of time. What if you can use a tool to make the text for you? It will really help to improve your content generation rate. Thus, you can create more content at the same time. In this article, we will see how a text content generator can help to create different types of content.

What is a Text Content Generator?

A text content generator is an online tool that generates content automatically. First, you need to enter the topic of your choice into the tool. Then, once you click the generate button, you can see the text content in a few seconds.

What all Types of Content Can be Created by the Text Content Generator?

There are different types of text content generator tools out there. So, the type of text these tools generator also varies. But some of the common types of text that a typical tool can generate are given below.

  • Blog post
  • Articles
  • How to guides
  • Listicles
  • Ad Content
  • Book content
  • Testimonials
  • Product Descriptions

What are the Advantages of Text Content Generator?

There are numerous advantages of using a text content generator tool to create content. All these benefits are listed below.

1. Help to Create Any Type of Text Content

You can create all types of text content using this tool. It can be blog posts, articles, descriptions for products, etc. So, you will need only one tool for all the content creation work.

2. Save your Valuable Time

When you write content manually, it will take lots of effort and time. You can save valuable time if you use an online content generator tool.

Thus, you will be able to create more content at the same time. In addition, it will help to reap more profit from your content creation business.

3. Help to Eliminate Writer’s Block Issue

All content writers will face the popular “Writer’s Block” issue when the content is created manually. I have faced this issue many times. You will lose lots of time when you get stuck with this issue. It is also a tough one to overcome.

You can eliminate this issue from your content creation work if you use a tool to generate the text.

4. Fast Content Delivery

You can deliver the content fast to your clients when you use a text content-generating tool for creating the content.

Before sharing it with the client, you just need to proofread and optimize the text with keywords. It will help to improve the client satisfaction rate.

5. Generate Unique Content

Everyone wants unique content for their website. However, it is really tough to write unique content when you do it manually. The AI-based content generator tools are capable of generating unique content. 

You can get more than 90 percent unique scores on Copyscape for articles generated by this tool. When you write the text manually and put it in Copyscape, you will end up rewriting many sentences in your content. This process will eat up a lot of your valuable time.

6. Help to Eliminate Spelling & Grammatical Mistakes

When you create content manually, the chances of spelling and grammatical errors in the content are more. You can avoid all such mistakes using an AI-based text content generator tool. 

So you don’t have to spend time proofreading the content for spelling and grammatical checks. As a result, the quality of the content will be really good if you use the tool.

7. Tone of the Content

Some text content generator tool also allows you to set the tone for the content. For example, if you want the content in a formal tone, you can set it.

You will also get other options like casual, friendly, etc. You can select according to your choice.

Tips to Generate Best Content Using Text Generator tool

Nowadays, many use these tools to generate their content. So, I will share some tips to help you generate the best content from the tool. These tips are based on my experience in using the tool.

1. Generate Content Outline

The first thing that you need to do is to generate the outline of the content with the tool. Most tools will allow you to generate the outline for your content. 

I strongly recommend doing this process first. The outline helps to give structure to your content. You can also add or delete any of the headings in the outline. 

Once you get a good article outline, you can go ahead with the automatic content generation using the tool.

2. Generate Introduction Separately

The introduction is an important part of the content. Most online content generator tools will allow you to generate the introduction for your content separately. 

I strongly recommend using this feature. It is because the introduction is the hook for your content. 

The person who reads your content will be going through the introduction first. So, if the intro is boring, no one will be interested in continuing with the rest of the article.

3. Proofread Final Content

After getting the content from the tool, you need to proofread it first. There will not be any spelling or grammatical mistakes in the content generated by the tool. 

But proofreading is essential to ensure that the information in the content provides value for your readers. You can add or delete sentences and fine-tune the text. It will help to create better content.

4. Add Keywords to Article if Necessary

If you are creating SEO content, you need to add keywords to your final content. Then, once you have satisfactory content after proofreading, you can insert your keywords in appropriate places.

You must use the keyword only where it is appropriate. The flow of content must not get affected by the addition of these keywords. Otherwise, readers will not enjoy your content.

Will a Text Content Generator Replace a Content Writer?

A text content generator will generate text based on the topic it is given. Still, you need to proofread and fine-tune the content. It is essential to ensure that the final content is useful for the readers. 

Also, when you create an SEO article, you need to use certain keywords in the text with certain densities. The tool cannot do this automatically. So, a text content generator cannot replace a content writer. It can only help to improve the productivity of a content writer.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how you can use an online text content generator tool to take your content writing to the next level. You can check out the WordBot AI tool if you are interested in trying this tool.

WordBot also offers different types of content creation options in different languages. The free 2k words per month plan makes it possible for everyone to try it.

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