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Are you looking to summarize your text? The summarizing process can be easy if the text is only one or two paragraphs. What if the text is present on many pages? It is going to take a lot of your valuable time. You can save this time if you make use of a text summarizer. So, what exactly is a text summarizer? Which all places can you use this tool? We will find the answer to all these questions through this article.

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What is a Text Summarizer?

The online tool that will help you summarize text automatically is called a text summarizer. There are many such tools on the internet. Different tools use different techniques to convert the text into a short summary.

The tools that use AI (Artificial Intelligence) do a better job in conversion than the others.

Why Use an Online Text Summarizer?

There are multiple advantages of using an online summarizer tool for generating a summary from your text.

1. Time Saver

One of the main advantages of using this tool is that it will help you save valuable time. If you try to read the entire article manually and create the summary, it will take lots of time.

The online tool can generate the summary in a few seconds. So, you only need to spend time reading the summary.

2. Help to Break down Complex Articles into Simple Ones

Another advantage of the online summarizer is that it is useful in breaking down complex texts into simple ones.

The simple text, in summary, ensures that everyone can read and understand it. This feature is very helpful, especially for students.

3. Help to Increase User Engagement

If you share a long article with a group of people, only a few will read it. But, when you share only the summary of the same article with the same group of people, more people will read it.

Thus, the summarized version of the text helps to increase user engagement.

Can You Share the Different Types of Text Summarization?

There are basically two types of text summarization. They are given below.

1. Abstractive Text Summarization

The abstractive type of text summarization is known to be the more accurate type. Here, the tool picks up the main ideas of the text and creates a summary.

If it is a very long text, there will be multiple ideas. In this case, the tool will take everything into account and create a short-summarized text.

2. Extractive Text Summarization

Another popular type is Extractive summarization. Here, the main phrases and points in the text will be extracted. They are then combined to create a meaningful summary.

This approach is an easy one. Also, there is a chance that some of the important points may get missed out in this method. So, it is not that effective.

7 Places Where You Can Use Text Summarizer

There are many places where you will find the text summarizer to be useful. All the popular applications for the online text summarizing tool are listed below.

1. Emails & Newsletters

If you write a long email, no one will be interested in going through the entire content. So you need to keep it crisp and short. But, at the same time, you need to convey the necessary information also. The same is the case with newsletters.

Sometimes, you might already have content to share in the mail in the form of a long text (article/ blog posts). Here, you can make use of the online summarizer and reduce the text. Thus, the person who reads your newsletter or email can enjoy it.

2. Content for Social Media Sites

No one will read your social media post if you write a long text or if you share the entire content of your article.

Here also, you need to create a summary of the whole text and present it in front of the reader. Only then they will go through it.

3. Short Video Scripting

Nowadays, short videos are becoming more popular, like YouTube shorts and Instagram Reels.

You can easily convert your entire article or posts to a short video with Texts if you make use of the text summarizer. In addition, it will help to create video scripts.

4. Summary for Books

People who buy books will read the summary part of the book to get a better idea of what the book is all about. Only after reading this summary, they will decide whether to go ahead with the purchase or not.

When you have a book with lots of text, it will be tough to summarize it manually. So instead, you can make use of the online text summarizer here. It will do the job for you.

5. Content Summary for Meetings

Now, there is speech recognition software that is capable of converting the audio of the meeting into text. You can feed this text to the summarizer tool to generate the summary of the meeting.

Otherwise, you need to note down all the main points during the meeting and create a meeting summary by yourself. If you do this manual work, there is a chance that you might miss some of the key points discussed during the meetings, especially if the meeting is a long duration one.

6. To Get Concepts from Complex Articles for Students

Even students can make use of the online text summarizer tool. The tool will help to summarize complex articles. Thus, students can learn the content of lengthy articles in a very less amount of time.

7. Easy Understating of Information for Content Writers

Content writers read online articles to gather information for writing a new blog post or article. Then, they can input these articles on the internet into this tool to know the summary. Thus, it will help to save a good amount of time.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what a text summarizer is capable of doing. There are plenty of applications for this tool. If you are looking for one, you can always try the WordBot AI. It comes with a text summarizer and many other AI-based content creation tools. WordBot also offers 2k free words per month.

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