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If you are into writing articles, you need to be fast and smart. Only then you will be able to write more articles at the same time. When you have just started writing, creating articles at a faster pace will be a little difficult. Don’t worry. I have been writing articles for quite some time. So, I will give some useful tips to help you write articles faster.

Let us get started.

1. Planning

Planning is the key element to writing articles faster. Unfortunately, many newbie writers often miss this part. Before starting to write an article, you need to plan on what all things are required to be included in the article. The planning requires some research.

You can look for information on the internet in the form of articles, videos, and images. Then, you can use this information as a reference to create the article. From my experience, proper planning helps to bring down the writing time for the article. So, it will help to write more articles.

2. Make a list of Important Points to Cover

When researching the topic, it is always good to create a list of important points you need to cover in the article. You can even go ahead and make these points as your subheadings in the article.

Thus, you will be able to create the outline for the article. It will make the content creation process much easier. It will also ensure that no important points are missed in the article.

3. Optimize Research Time

Many writers have the habit of over-researching the topic. The client will need only a 1000 words article on the topic. So, you don’t need to research and collect lots of information about the topic.

Research and collect only what is necessary to do the job. If you research beyond that, you are unnecessarily wasting your time. You will not be able to add the excess information to the article since you have already touched the word limit from the client. The extra research is not going to benefit anyone. It has happened to me many times during my initial days.

4. Turn Off Distractions

There are lots of distractions when you write. You will be mostly typing on MS Word to create the article on the computer. You will get distracted by checking your emails, watching videos on YouTube, or browsing some sites on the internet.

These distractions will take a lot of your valuable writing time. You will also lose focus on the topic. Thus, more time will be required to create the content. You may even miss your article deadline.

Many writers get distracted even with the different options and toolbars in MS Word. So they tend to go for distraction-free writing apps for creating content. There are many such applications available for Windows and Mac OS platforms. You can also get one if you are interested.

5. Take a Break In Between

You cannot concentrate continuously for a long period of time. You cannot write continuously for a long time. So, you must take a break in between.

From my experience, taking a short 10 minutes break every 40 minutes is always good. It helps to concentrate in a better way. It also helps to avoid health-related issues due to sitting for a long time.

6. Don’t Multitask when you Write

I have seen many writers multitask when writing content. They will listen to music or watch videos or TV while writing the article.

Here, you are not writing in a focused way. It is going to affect the quality of the article. Also, it will take more time to write the article. Thus, you are not using the time effectively.

When you are writing an article, stay focused on it.

7. Use the “Keep it Simple” Approach

When you write an article, you can use complex or simple words in the content. When you make things complex, everyone who reads the article may not enjoy the content. Also, the attention span of people is relatively short. They tend to move on to the next article when they find it complex. Therefore, it will increase the bounce rate of your article.

So, it is always good to use the “Keep it simple” approach for content writing. Write the article in a simple and easy-to-understand format. Thus, everyone will be able to read and enjoy the content. Keep it direct and concise.

8. Edit After Write

Many writers, especially amateurs, try to edit the article in between, even before finishing it. It is a bad practice. You are unnecessarily wasting your time by editing the article before completing it.

First, complete writing the whole article, then go for the edits. It will help to optimize your time in a better way.

9. Record your Writing Time

One of the best techniques you can employ to improve your writing speed is to use a timer. You can use your smartphone to set the timer for your writing. Then, you can note down the time taken to complete, say 1000 words. If you take any breaks, you need to pause the timer and restart it when you start writing again.

You need to monitor this on a daily basis for a month or two. Then, after a couple of months, you can have a look at the time data to see if there is an improvement or not. Of course, there will be some improvement since you have been writing for two months.

10. Use AI-powered Content Creator Tools

The online AI-powered content creator tools are really a game changer in the field of article writing. It helps you to create an article in no time. You will need at least one hour to create a 1000 words article manually.

But, an AI-powered content creator tool can create a 1000 words article in a few minutes. You just need to share the topic with the tool. Then, the tool will generate the content for you. If you are not satisfied with the content, you can go for the regenerate option to create different content. So, you just need to do the proofreading work here. An online AI tool is a good option when you have lots of articles to write.

If you like to use the service of an online AI-based content creator tool, you can always consider the WordBot AI tool. WordBot is capable of generating many types of content, not article alone.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to write articles faster. However, speed alone is not enough to be a successful writer. You need to ensure that whatever content you write provides some value to the users. At the same time, you need to ensure that the content is free from spelling and grammatical errors that can affect the reader’s flow.

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