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What is the Spinbot Paraphrasing Tool?

Spinbot Paraphrasing Tool

Spinbot is a paraphrasing and article spinning tool offered via a website. They offer a free version of their paraphrasing tool and article spinning tool. The free version of the Spinbot paraphrasing tool is supported with ads and requires using a captcha. To remove the captcha and ads, you can register an account and purchase spin credits or pay a monthly membership fee, which at the time of this writing was $10 per month.

Spinbot’s paraphrasing tool is also available via an api using purchased credits. According to Spinbot’s website, their paraphrasing tool actually supports several other paraphrasing websites via their api. The api is a programming application interface that allows website owners and software developers to use Spinbot’s paraphrasing and spinning technology in their own tools.

What is the Wordbot Paraphrasing Tool?

Wordbot Paraphrase tool

wordbot.io is a paraphrasing tool launched in the fall of 2021. It’s a website (we prefer the term SaaS, or software-as-a-service) that allows users to rewrite articles, paragraphs, and sentences, save their work, and import and export work. Wordbot also bundles in a text summarize tool that can summarize articles and essays. Wordbot has a free teaser on the home page, but otherwise wordbot is a SaaS that costs (at the time of this writing) 99 cents per month.

We have been asked about api access and have apis developed, but at the time of this writing wordbot doesn’t offer api access to other website owners and developers. It will in the future, but we believe it’s most important now to keep improving our wordbot, including the AI technology it uses.

Spinbot Paraphrasing Tool | Why Try Wordbot Instead?

Wordbot is more affordable

The spinbot paraphrasing tool currently costs $10 per month. Wordbot costs 99 cents per month. Wordbot is rapidly adding features and improving its ai to offer a truly best in class paraphrasing tool. Additionally, the founders of wordbot, including myself, are always posting on this blog and available by email, phone, etc. You get real people with real support when using wordbot.

Wordbot is and will always be Ad-Free

Wordbot (not this blog, but the paraphrasing tool wordbot.io) has no ads and never will. Its newly launched, but we aim to make wordbot a world class article rewriting and spinning tool. You can’t have the best paraphrasing product on the market if its goal is to have the customer click and ad and exit the site.

 Wordbot Uses the Latest AI

From what we can tell, Spinbot uses dated technology for paraphrasing content. Wordbot uses the latest in AI technology, including Open AI’s gpt3 transformer. Opposed to synonym swapping, wordbot’s technology truly rewrites sentences using artificial intelligence and deep machine learning. 

Paraphrasing Examples 

To have some fun and help us continue to test wordbot’s ai, let’s take some content from npr.org/news and run it through the Spinbot Paraphrasing Tool and the V6 ai prompt of the Wordbot Paraphrasing Tool. For each test, we’ll show the original text, the Spinbot paraphrases, and the Wordbot paraphrases. We’ll then review the results.

Paraphrasing Example 1

A headline from a news article discussing Texas and their fight to bar abortions.

Original Text

The Supreme Court for a third time allows Texas to bar abortions after 6 weeks

Spinbot Paraphrasing Tool Result

The Supreme Court for a third time frame permits Texas to bar fetus removals following a month and a half

Wordbot Paraphrasing Tool Result

The Supreme Court has allowed Texas to make abortion after 6 weeks illegal again.


Spinbot’s paraphrase is five words longer than the original and uses the term “fetus removal” in place of “abortion”. No-one speaks like this nor would want to swap that phrase in. Wordbot’s paraphraser came in one word shorter than the original sentence, which is good, and paraphrased the entire sentence in a more natural, language processing way.

Paraphrasing Example 2

Excerpt from a news article regarding the end of expanded child tax credits and the impact on lower-income families.

Original Text

She would have used the money to fix the brakes on her family's only vehicle, a minivan. She would have taken her four kids to the eye doctor because they all need new glasses. Some of the money would have gone toward saving for fixing the roof of their house in Orlando, Fla.

Spinbot Paraphrasing Tool Results

She would have utilized the means to fix the brakes on her family's just vehicle, a minivan. She would have taken her four children to the eye specialist since they all need new glasses. A portion of the cash would have gone toward putting something aside for fixing the top of their home in Orlando, Fla.

Wordbot Paraphrasing Tool Results

She would've used the money to fix her family's only vehicle, a minivan. They would have taken their four kids to the eye doctor because they all need new glasses. Some of the money would have been spent on repairing the roof of their house in Orlando, Florida.


The original text was 53 words. Spinbot generated 56 and Wordbot generated only 48, again coming in with the most succinct paraphrasing.

The Spinbot paraphrases use some word swapping that leaves the content sounding unnatural. An example is changing the phrase “Use the money” to “utilized the means”. People simply don’t speak this way. It also changed “fixing the roof” to “fixing the top of their home”.

Alternatively, Wordbot left “use the money” and changed “fixing the roof” to “repairing the roof”. Wordbot also found some areas to drop insignificant words such as removing the word “brakes”. The reader doesn’t need to know which part of the van was going to be fixed to understand the message’s point. It also changed the tense of the second sentence, indirectly pulling the husband into the story.

Paraphrasing Example 3

Original Text

New Mexico is calling on the National Guard to fill in as substitute teachers

Spinbot Paraphrasing Tool Results

New Mexico is approaching the National Guard to fill in as substitute instructors

Wordbot Paraphrasing Tool Results

New Mexico is asking the National Guard to provide temporary teachers.


Notice how Spinbot left the word “substitute” but replaced the word “teachers” with “instructors”. Notice Wordbot left the word “teachers”, but replaced the word “substitute” with “temporary”. Replacing the word substitute with temporary and leaving the word teachers keeps the sentence sounding natural. People would absolutely use the word temporary to describe the situation. However, replacing the word teachers with instructors makes the sentence sound unnatural. Not that teachers aren’t instructors, but few if any people would use the phrase “substitute instructors”. Many people would use the phrase “temporary teachers”.


The examples above show the stark limitations of paraphrasing tools that use older ai technology, such as the Spinbot paraphrasing tool. The new AI methods perform much better and produce paraphrased text that sound and are natural. We hope you’ll give wordbot a try and happing paraphrasing!

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