What is the Chatgpt Plus plan and Should you upgrade?

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Chatgpt plus plan review

The chatgpt plus plan is a new plan released by openai that many are talking about. Many are wondering if they should stay on the chatgpt free plan or switch to the chatgpt plus offering.

If have not seen much read much of a difference between the the free and paid chatgpt plan, its because there is not much of a difference at the moment. I will discuss why it could be beneficial to switch over to a paid plan depending on your use case.

What is the chatgpt plus plan?

Chatgpt plus was released in February of 2023 when the demand for chatgpt started to increase. Chatgpt is a highly trained and accurate machine learning tool that carries out natural language chats.

If you are a heavy user of chatgpt you may have noticed times where the service hits capacity limits. For that reason open ai came out with a solution for people who were willing to pay for it.

How much does chatgpt plus cost?

Currently as of this writing, the chatgpt plus plan will cost you $20 per month. This price could change as chatgpt continues to become more popular. The added cost will help wit the addition of more resources.

The free version of chatgpt will continue to be available but just with the possibility of being locked out during high peak times. That’s really the only big difference between the two plans.

Whats included in the chatgpt plus plan?

If you have been approved for the paid version of chatgpt plus, you will see an option to upgrade when logged in. The paid plan currently offers the following features:

  • Access to Chatgpt during peak times
  • Faster response times from the chatbot
  • Access to new features and improvements
Chatgpt plus vs free version

Currently the chatgpt plus plan is not available to everyone. In order to become eligibile to access that version, you will need to join a waitlist. The plan is currently getting rolled out to users starting in the United States.

Should you upgrade to the chatgpt plus plan?

Upgrading to the paid plan can make since for certain people. If most of your day includes needing to have access to your saved work, the paid plan could be for you.

Chatgpt is a tool that works for many different industries. With the limited features available to switch to the paid plan, the free plan will work for a lot of people.

Chatgpt Alternatives

If you like what chatgpt has to offer then you make like some of the additional offerings that are soon to launch. Both google and Microsoft are launching new ai engines that will aid in chat style searches.

Google bard is currently in the works and will be released once some of its current problems are ironed out. Microsoft who has invested billions into openai has released a new AI search engine that probably used the openai technology.

You can test out and join the waitlist as well to be a part of the Microsoft pool of people waiting also. Microsoft teams launched with chatgpt as well offering paid users of teams a bunch of new features to enhance the teams experiance.


In conclusion chatgpt will continue to get better. At this moment the biggest advancement to getting the new chatgpt plus plan is the unlimited access during peak times. The current price point could rise as more features start to get added to the platform. I will be excited when the api gets released to see how other companies start to use it more.

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