Mubert: The Revolutionary AI Tool for Royalty-Free Music

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Mubert is a revolutionary AI tool for music that offers thousands of staff-picked royalty-free music tracks for streaming, videos, podcasts, commercial use and online content. It is a new ecosystem for content creators, brands, and developers, powered by both human and AI generative music.

How Mubert Works

Mubert’s AI generative music is a collaboration between humans and algorithms, using millions of samples from hundreds of artists to generate new pieces of royalty-free music that are flawlessly suited to their purpose. Mubert uses a unique algorithm to create music that is not only original and personalized but also perfect for any mood or occasion.

Mubert Products

Mubert has a wide range of products that cater to the needs of various users. Mubert Render allows content creators to create a soundtrack that fits their content’s mood, duration, and tempo. Mubert Studio is designed for artists who want to earn money on tracks, samples, and loops by teaming up with AI. Mubert API is for developers and brands to get original and personalized music for their products, and Mubert Play is for listeners to find tunes that suit any moment.

Mubert’s Collaboration with Humans and AI

Mubert’s AI generative music is not created solely by algorithms, but also by the contributions of human artists. This collaboration between humans and AI ensures that the music created by Mubert is not only original and personalized but also has a human touch to it. Mubert’s team carefully selects and curates music samples from a vast pool of artists to create unique and top-quality music.

Mubert’s Popularity among Brands and Organizations

Mubert is trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands and organizations. Its products offer users the ability to effortlessly and instantly create a soundtrack of the perfect length, mood, and style. With Mubert, brands and organizations can enhance their apps or games with music, and content creators can get paid for their music. Moreover, Mubert Play provides an evolving music experience for every occasion, making it a one-stop-shop for all your music needs.


In conclusion, Mubert is a revolutionary AI tool that offers a wide range of products and services, making it a perfect fit for all users, including content creators, artists, developers, brands, and listeners. With its unique algorithm, Mubert’s AI generative music ensures that every piece of music created is original, personalized, and perfect for any mood or occasion.

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