Openai GPT 3: Top 22 Trending Use Case Ideas in 2023

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openai gpt 3 use cases

Openai gpt 3 can be used for almost any job involving the understanding or generation of natural language or code. Openai has a wide range of use cases with varying degrees of power that are ideal for various activities, as well as the option to fine-tune your own unique models. These models can be applied to a variety of tasks, including content creation, semantic search, and classification.

OpenAI recently announced the expansion of its cloud-based OpenAI GPT 3 service, which allows developers to create apps based on the research group’s powerful GPT-3 artificial intelligence model. Also, there are GPT-3 freelance developers available for hire who can use this language model to build various tools and applications, making it accessible for anyone to create with GPT-3.

Here are the top 22 trending use cases for using GPT 3:

1. Question & Answer Bot

Artificial Intelligence is becoming very popular in many industries such as health care, Tech, Sales, Marketing and more. Supporting customers is a job that has always been important to keeping happy customers. Using the OpenAI API companies have begun to build bots that can answer questions based on existing knowledge.

2. Grammar Correction Tool

When writing content for school, work or a business, having proper grammar can make the context of things sound better. Tools like Grammarly or Quillbot that attempt to correct sentences using AI have been on the market for a while are used by a lot of people.

If looking to build a tool that makes text clear and easy to understand, OpenAI’s GPT 3 engine has an API that can help turn bad grammar into readable sentences. Check out an Example here:

3. A Text Summarizer for Students

Reading long paragraphs and articles and also being able to comprehend the meaning can be hard for certain people. A text summarizer can help translate difficult text into simple concepts. A summarizer can also be used for people not wanting to read large articles when doing research. Here is an example of a paragraph being summarized for a second-grade student:

4. OpenAI GPT 3 Prompt Creation

When working with OpenAI’s playground, you will have to create prompts to get the expected output that you want. The art of prompt engineering can be difficult. Building a tool that allows someone to create a prompt using natural language can help jumpstart many ideas.

5. Translating Programming Languages

Translating from one programming language to another AI can help by using natural language to specify the source and target languages. Programming languages may change due to a change in business or a specific language possibly providing a better way of doing something. Without AI humans would have to learn and know all of that by hand.

Translate from python to another language

6. Language Translator

A language translator can be used for many different reasons. People in many different countries may need to translate text into various languages. Using AI, websites can be made to help translate sentences, articles, and websites from one language to another. Translating text using GPT 3 gives you the power of machine learning to easily move between dozens of different languages really fast.

7. Explain Complicated Pieces of Code

Many programming languages have pieces of code that may be hard to understand what’s going on. Imagine going into a new company and trying to troubleshoot a bug that’s causing an issue for a language you’re not too familiar with. AI could be a great way to not only help individuals troubleshoot code but also document code they are going over with others. Watch how AI explains what this class is doing.

8. Generating SQL Queries

Writing sql scripts could become a thing of the past using GPT 3. Using natural language, programmers or DBA’s will be able to ask simple or complicated questions and get a sql script to use in their code or scripts. This could help programmers complete code faster or achieve complicated tasks. Using a tool like openai’s gpt 3 could help troubleshoot various database issues a lot faster as well.

9. Classification System

Imagine you had a very large dataset of products and you need a fast way to categories them into different food groups. Using OpenAI, you could have all of the data sorted and categorized in seconds. This example shows how easily AI can take an array of examples and sperate them out into separate groups.

10. Programming Language Interpreter

Writing code can be difficult at times. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence you now have the ability to easily figure out what a specific code block is doing a lot quicker. Reading a piece of code, you may not be familiar with can help with troubleshooting.

11. SEO Keyword Extractor

Writing content requires doing some keyword research. Using OpenAI GPT 3 now can help businesses do some keyword extraction. A keyword extractor can take a long article and parse out the prominent keywords being used.

12. Product Description Generator

Selling Products online requires creating creative descriptions to get customers to buy. Marketing companies can use AI to turn a product description into compelling Ad Copy.

13. Product Name Generator

When creating new products, thinking of a name for your idea can be tough. Now with OpenAI’s GPT 3 api, you can take a short description and some keywords and generate a couple Product Name Ideas. This makes for an easy way to start brainstorming.

14. AI Python Program Debugger

When writing code, an extra pair of eyes looking at what is causing a problem can usually help. Using AI OpenAI’s Codex engine has made it easier now to build a tool to check code for errors. A lot of programming editors have code completion that helps eliminate simple mistakes. Here is an example of python code getting fixed:

15. Programming Chatbot for JavaScript

Not only just for JavaScript but for other programming languages as well. AI has now made it a lot easier to be able to build chatbots for various tasks and specialties. Imagine having a chatbot that you could ask programming questions to and get accurate AI generated responses. OpenAI’s GPT 3 codex engines have made it really simple to create these various tasks.

16. Sentiment Detection System

Being able to detect sentiment business areas such as social media and investing. With social media you could take large amounts of data from a specific topic and be able to tell if people are happy or sad about what is going on. In investing knowing the sentiment on particular businesses or news articles could shed light possibly on what users may be feeling about a particular investment.

17. Story Creator

Writer’s block is a thing of the past. The OpenAI GPT 3 engine has the ability to create and generate content from scratch. Now when creating stories or blog articles and you get stuck on a particular idea, AI can be there to push your story along without having to take extended breaks.

18. Interview Questions Generator

Interviewing a future employee can be difficult at times when wanting to get to know them. Making sure they are a cultural fit has never been easier. With just a little information and a dash of AI from OpenAI you could have a few lists of questions to ask any candidate.

19. Generate Study Notes for Class

When preparing for a test, having the right number of notes can help make sure you cover every possible point. Notecards are typically created to be able to study then keep them with you while away from your office or desk. Using AI with a little description of what you are studying, you can then create quick study notes, things you may not think of at the time.

20. Recipe Generator

Being a cook and making great food can be a really tough job. Sometimes you may run into a situation where you only have a certain amount of food and ingredients at home. Taking that list and running it through AI can help generate some pretty cool recipe ideas you may have never come up with. This may also be a great idea for chefs who may be looking for different ideas or recipes for their cookbooks to sell.

21. Essay Outline Generator

Have you ever written a paper and had a tough time creating a beginning, middle and end. Using OpenAI you could give the tool an idea of what you will be writing about and then get a beginning, middle and end. Watch how easy we create an outline for Walt Disney’s Life to write about.

22. Business Idea Generator

Ever had a passion for something but wanted to know some possible businesses that could come out of them. Take VR and Fitness for Example. If you could combine the 2, what would you do? Watch how OpenAI takes one sentence and turns it into 3 possible business ideas. This could help other businesses as well.


Now that we have gone through our list of the top 22 tending Openai GPT 3 use cases, hopefully you have better knowledge of what AI can do. Wordbot’s uses the best gpt 3 engines from OpenAI providing the best paraphraser, summarizer and keyword extractor available online. View some examples of how our paraphrase works here.

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