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Have you ever tried extracting keywords from the text? It can be for SEO or other purposes. It is really tough to do this work manually. What if you can use a tool to do the job? You can use a keyword extractor from text to do this extraction job for you. There are many benefits and applications for this tool when compared with the manual method. We will cover all these aspects in detail in this article.

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What is Keyword Extraction?

Keyword extraction is a process where you extract the main keywords from a text. SEO guys mainly use this process.

What is a Keyword Extractor from Text Tool?

The tool that is capable of extracting the keywords from the text automatically is called a Keyword Extractor. You just need to enter the text in the tool, and the tool will display the main keywords instantly.

You can find many such keyword extractors online. Different online extractors use different techniques to extract the keywords. The tools that use AI for keyword extraction do a better job than the others. WordBot is one such AI-based tool that supports keyword extraction feature.

You can have a look at this video to get a better understanding of how a typical online keyword extractor tool works.

Keyword extractor using ai

What are the Benefits of Using a Keyword Extractor from Text tool?

There are numerous advantages of using a keyword extractor from text tool. All these benefits are listed below.

1. Saves Time

The main advantage of using a keyword extracting tool is that it will help to save your valuable time. If you try to do the keyword extraction manually, you need to spend hours (depending on the number of words in the text) to find the keywords.

Thus, the tool will help to accelerate the keyword extraction process.

2. Find the List of Main Keywords in Text

It helps to find the main keywords in the text. From an SEO perspective, you need to find all the keyword variations used in the text. 

Only then you can use the same keyword variations for your content. The tool will help to find these keywords in no time.

3. Density of Different Keywords

The text will have different keywords in different densities. Therefore, it is essential to find this keyword density to create an SEO-optimized article. 

The tool will show the density of all the keywords. It will give you a better idea of the number of times you need to use the keywords in your text.

What are the Applications of Keyword Extractor from Text Tool?

You must also understand the different applications of the keyword extractor from the text tool. All these applications are listed below. It will give you a better idea of which all places you can use this tool.

1. Search Engine Optimization

The main application of the keyword extractor from text tool is for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Therefore, you can use this tool to find the main keywords of your competitor articles. 

Thus, it will be easy for you to create a new article with these keywords. This tool will help to improve the On-page optimization of your content.

It will help to rank your article or blog post better in search results.

2. Customer Analysis

One of the important factors that drive the product strategy is the analysis of data. Before launching a product, companies will send out surveys, social media posts, and other content related to the product. 

Once they get the responses from the potential customers, they will analyze this text data. The technique they use to analyze the data is keyword extraction. These data will be put into the keyword extractor tool to find the most used keywords. 

It will help them to understand the people’s response to their product. Thus, the product manager can decide whether to proceed with the product or bring some changes to the product. It is an effective way to find the voice of the customer.

3. Product Analysis

Once a product is launched to the market, the companies will be interested to know the response of the people after its use. There are different ways to collect this feedback. This data needs to be processed to know the product’s success or failure.

The keyword extractor will help to identify the most frequent keywords used in the collected data. It will allow companies to come to a conclusion about whether the customer likes the product or not. 

If they are looking for some additional features, you can launch an updated version of the product later. It will help to increase the profit from your business.

Final Thoughts

Now you know why use must use an online tool to extract keywords from text. If you really want your content to rank in search results, you can definitely consider using this tool. You can always give it a try with the free 2k words per month plan from WordBot.

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