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Bing chatbot is the new ai powered ai chatbot designed by microsoft. Previously under the code name Sydney, bing chatbot can now be used on android and mac mobile devices.

This type of ai chatbot being used on your mobile device will give you the ability to get personalized search results.

What is bing chatbot

Bing is a search engine developed by Microsoft many years ago. Although still in use, google’s search engine has always been the search engine of choice. With AI becoming the number 1 tech topic in the last couple of years, it will slowly start to become used in companies products.

Using the bing chatbot on your mobile device will be like having a personal assistant with you at all times. The bing ai chatbot is designed to help improve the search experience for user by providing them with:

  • More relevant search results in a short amount of time
  • Detailed answers to their questions
  • A natural like chat experience using natural language
  • Helps provide suggestions on answers and topics you may not have thought about

How to get bing chatbot on your mobile phone

Bing’s ai chatbot on mobile devices was released february 2023. In order to enjoy the ability to hold conversational ai chats with bing you must follow the following steps:

bing chatbot waitlist
  1. First download the bing app from the android or apple store
  2. You will then need to make sure you have a microsoft email account to signup for the waitlist
  3. Sign into the bing app with your account.
  4. If already approved off the waitlist, then you can start to explore the chatbot side of bing.

When using the bing chatbot for the first time, you will be presented with some predetermined questions you can ask the to get a feel for how it works. The ai works by pulling sources from across the internet to provide you with the most detailed answers.

In my testing i was able to ask it some questions about creating a budget.

This is great because now a user does not have to click through many different pages that may or may not provide them with what they are looking for.

The chatbot then proceeded to list out some basic steps to start with. The thing that makes the conversation great is:

  1. The follow up question that it asks you to gather more information
  2. The list of references in the learn more section
  3. A template of followup questions you can ask underneath.

The voice option when clicking the microphone gives you the ability to speak to the bing chatbot and allow it to read back the prompts to you.

Bing ai chatbot use cases

There are going to be many uses cases for being able to have a tool like the bing chatbot on mobile devices. A couple of scenarios could be:

  1. Being able to quickly find things to do in parts of the world you have never been quick and fast.
  2. Using it as a cooking companion to find recopies for distinct ingredients you already have in your house.
  3. The ability to find answers to complex questions you could usually not ask on a forum or directly into search
  4. Assisting in getting resources to learn new things
  5. With the integration with skype, It could help assist with planning of activities with large gatherings of family and friends.
  6. Help become more creative in more ways such as creating content, coming up with new ideas and more.


The bing chatbot on mobile devices still raises a lot of questions for many with the technology still being new. As AI starts to get integrated into search engines such as bing and google, how will the landscape of SEO change.

  • Will content creators need to learn a new way to be queried by the ai engines.
  • How will ad revenue be affected if users no longer need to go directly to websites again
  • Will we start to see a drop in click through rates for certain types of niches that can be easily served through the bing chatbot on your mobile phone.

Mobile phones will continue to grow and become dominant forces in the online world. It will be interesting to see how search engines and search engine optimization changes over the course of time.

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