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Gpt-4 was release by open ai and with the new release of gpt-4 comes a whole lot of new features. Watch the live stream here to see everything coming soon to developers. Many users in the ai space may be wondering how can they get access to gpt-4.

Openai has made that easier and here are some ways to go about getting on the waitlist and testing it out for yourself early.

How to get on the GPT-4 waitlist

To get access to the gpt-4 api, you must sign up on the waitlist here. There are a couple of requirements that are needed in order to be allowed to utilize and test this new version of the gpt model.

First you need to have access to the openai playground. If you never used the openai playground and need an in depth walkthrough on how this works, checkout our in depth article here.

Once you create a new openai login you will need to provide the waitlist with your organization id. This Id can be found by going to manage account, then settings in your portal.

Once signed up you will get an email indicating you are now on the waitlist and

How to test out the new GPT-4 model

GPT-4 is currently being used by the following companies:

  • Duolingo is using gpt-4 to deepen the conversation with users vs having a scripted conversation
  • Stripe utilized gpt-4 to help with fraud detection and customer support
  • Morgan Stanley adopted gpt-4 to help with insights from advisor notes to help with follow-up client communictions
  • Bing Currently has GPT-4 built into its current search engine.

If you are currently paying for chatgpt plus, then you will have the ability to work with the engine currently also. If you dont have access they may be rolling it out for you as well.


Although gpt-4 has just been released, getting access by getting on the waitlist now will help you get a head start on being able to utilize the api once its released.

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