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When deciding against Google Bard vs Microsoft Bing, a lot of people may wonder which one can provide me with better results. One of the biggest questions advancements in AI over the last couple of months have been the easy access to using AI in everyday work.

Google Bard and Microsoft Bing are both large language model chatbots that can generate text, translate languages, write different kinds of create and answer questions in an informative way. However there are some key differences between the two models.

Features of Google Bard and Microsoft Bing

Both Google Bard and Microsoft Bing both act as a great tool to aid in research assistance, planning, creative thinking and more. Both systems allow for you to ask very complex questions you usually may not be able to in a normal search engine and get the exact answer you want.

Microsoft Bing

Bing brings many new features to the table. While paired up with chatgpt, bing brings back very detailed questions about many different topics.

When asking it a question, it works in a chatbot form just like google bard. My question about capital gains was answered pretty good and i was able to answer a follow up question.

Microsoft Bing

some features of the chat inside bing are:

  • You can ask up to 20 questions in one chat session
  • List out the Links to the websites it pulled information from
  • Choose conversation style between creative, balanced or prices
  • Search just like how you would talk to a normal person
  • Create images directly from chat

Google Bard

Bard unlike Bing separated from its actual search engine. Bard is also used in a chat style format. Complex or simple questions can be asked and you will get responses back like so.

Google Bard

Bard doesn’t give links to sources because its intentions are to generate unique content that is not replicating existing content. Google bard will cite sources if it finds itself using a lengthy piece of a website.

Some features of google bard are:

  • Precise answers to natural language questions
  • View resent chat dialogue
  • Rate your responses good or bad to help improve the AI model
  • The option to “google it” to get a further analysis on your question

Benefits of Google Bard and Microsoft Bing

Although the question remains, Google Bard vs Microsoft Bing, they both bring great benefits to everyday task. Google Bard as of this writing just released and is trying to position itself as a more factual tool that does not just recite information online. Bing on the other hand has a little bit of a head start.

There are many industries that will be improved with the advancement of AI technology. With Bard looking to be more of a factual tool it could help for example bloggers to improve on their writing skills by providing feedback on grammar and style.

Bing could help businesses improve customer service by providing the with a way to automate customer interactions and find answers to questions a lot faster online. Both services will continue to get better as more people use the product.

What industries do you see both bard and bing helping improve?

Drawbacks to Google Bard and Microsoft Bing

Both Bard and Bing are fairly new AI models. Although they both have been fairly trained and tested, they may at times not say factual information. Bard as of this writing is still in beta and you can sign up here using your google account.

To get access to Microsoft Bings Chatbot you must:

  • First have a microsoft account to signup with
  • Then you must have the Microsoft Edge browser downloaded.
  • Then head over to the Bing website to either signup for the waitlist or it may have the option to sign in directly to chat.

So there is still a little friction with how you can access both tools, but they are released access to them really fast.


Google Bard and Microsoft Bing are both powerful LLMs with different strengths and weaknesses. The best choice for you will depend on your specific needs. With the advancements of AI coming really quick it could help to learn both of these tools and how they work.

Although I could see a time where this technology starts to replace certain task and jobs, I still think its too early of a tool for anyone to fully use 100% without any human guidance or interaction.

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