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GPT 4 is a new model developed by openai that has been integrated into chatpgt. Chatgpt is the gpt 4 playground that gives currently chatgpt plus users the ability to interact with ai using natural language.

Unlike the previous gpt 3 playground which required you to make prompts, the gpt 4 playground has the following advantages:

  • The ability to save previous output
  • No need to adjust complicated ai settings
  • Continue chat conversations and keep

What is GPT 4

GPT 4 is a new version of the openai model that set to help push forward the advancement of AI and natural language models. It has the ability to not only read text but also images as well. The GPT 4 model will come in 2 offerings:

  • GPT-4 which is the base model which can process the equivalent of up to 16 pages
  • GPT-4-32K model can process up to 50 pages of text

The GPT 4 model has been trained up to September 2021. The live stream did indicate there are ways to introduce current data to help educate the model on particular questions you may ask it.

How does the GPT 4 playground work

The GPT 4 playground is currently only available to chatgpt plus subscribers. The chatgpt plus subscription currently runs $20 a month and gives you access to the system during peak times and new features.

chatgpt plus subscription

The GPT 4 playground consists of a simple chatbox that gives you the ability to ask it any question you want. Some example’s of questions you can ask it are things like:

  • Explain cloud computing in simple terms
  • Give me 10 Blog title ideas for cloud computing
  • How do I make banana bread using brown bananas

There GPT 4 playground gives you the following capabilities that other chatbots lack:

  • It remembers what you said earlier in the conversation
  • Allows you to provide follow up corrections
  • Trained to decline inappropriate request to help from producing harmful content.

Potential Use Cases for the GPT 4 Playground

With the release of chatgpt it has given people the ability to easily use ai without extensive knowledge of the settings the original openai playground provided.

GPT 4 playground use cases

  • Social media influencers could use it to help create post ideas
  • Bloggers can get ideas on article outlines
  • Finding recipe ideas for specific ingredients
  • Learning quickly about specific tops such as cars, history, math, science etc..
  • Educational learning about topics hard to find or understand

Limitations to the GPT 4 playground

  • The playground could potentially generate incorrect information
  • The potential to generate biased or harmful information
  • Knowledge is limited to data up to september 2021


Since the GPT 4 playground is currently only available to Chatgpt plus users, you can still signup to access the GPT 3.5 model which is currently being used for free users. Both models use the same playground but just may product different results.

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