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I love using ChatGPT, but one of the huge disadvantages is its lack of knowledge with newer internet data. If you’re looking for current events, breaking news, or some of the best just-released content, you’re out of luck. Until now.

Install the WebChatGPT Google Chrome Extension

Enter a Google Chrome plugin with 600K+ downloads and counting. The plugin, which is creatively named WebChatGPT (note the sarcasm) claims to augment your ChatGPT prompts with relevant results from the web. The extension is free and uses the web results to provide more accurate and up-to-date conversations.

The extension is complete serverless with no backend server, no data collection, and no analytics for added privacy. Below are some features.

  • Get web results for your queries
  • Extract webpage text from any url
  • Add and use prompt templates
  • Use ddg bangs to get search results from thousands of websites

Installation and Help

To install the plugin, visit the plugin page and click the blue add to Chrome button. It will then add the below settings bar to ChatGPT as seen below.

webchatgpt chrome extension settings bar in chatgpt

Using the WebChatGPT Extension

To test out the new Chrome plugin, I’m going to ask ChatGPT to give me a list of the 5 most recent high quality articles from the internet about the impact of AI on SEO. I often ask questions like this to curate content for newsletters. However, I typically do it through Google search because ChatGPT always returns old articles. Maybe our new WebChatGPT extension will help us. Below are the answers to the question BEFORE the extension was installed and AFTER and then compare the two.

The Question

Please give me the 5 most recent high quality articles from the internet about the impact of AI on SEO. Include the url for each article.

Using chatgpt without web results

The ChatGPT Answer

  1. “The Impact of AI on SEO – How AI is Changing Search” by Neil Patel – Published in February 2021, this article by Neil Patel explores how AI is changing search and the implications for SEO. It covers topics such as natural language processing, user experience, and voice search.
  2. “How AI is Changing SEO” by Search Engine Journal – This article, published in March 2021, discusses how AI is changing SEO and provides insights into how businesses can leverage AI to improve their search rankings. It covers topics such as content creation, personalization, and voice search.
  3. “AI and SEO: How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact SEO in 2021 and Beyond” by HubSpot – This HubSpot article, published in January 2021, explores how AI will impact SEO in 2021 and beyond. It covers topics such as natural language processing, personalization, and image recognition.
  4. “AI in SEO: How Natural Language Processing Will Transform the Industry” by Forbes – This Forbes article, published in March 2021, discusses how natural language processing is transforming the SEO industry. It provides insights into how businesses can leverage AI to optimize their content for better search rankings.
  5. “The Future of SEO is Here: AI in Search” by Search Engine Watch – This article, published in March 2021, explores how AI is changing the future of SEO. It covers topics such as personalized search, voice search, and content optimization.
using chatgpt with web results

The ChatGPT With WebChatGPT Answer

I’m sorry, but based on the provided web search results, there are no recent high-quality articles that specifically address the impact of AI on SEO. The search results include articles on various topics such as AI in healthcare [1], the Affordable Care Act and nursing [2], technology and nursing roles [3], Google’s history and algorithm [4], NVIDIA’s inference platforms [5], Intel’s AI Global Impact Festival [6], clinical research journals [7], the impact of the internet on society [8], water-related studies [9], and an AI writing tool [10].

However, if you’re interested in the broader topic of AI and SEO, some articles discuss how AI is changing the landscape of search engine optimization. One such article, “AI in SEO: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Search” by Neil Patel, explores how AI-powered tools are being used to improve SEO strategies [11]. Another article, “The Impact of AI on SEO and Digital Marketing” by Jesse Mawhinney, examines how AI is changing the digital marketing industry as a whole, including SEO [12].

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


The standard ChatGPT version did two things it always does with questions like this; it returned old articles from 2021 and it returned lots of broken links. Whether the articles and links returned are entirely fake or the articles were old and the websites took them down, who knows. Of the five articles above returns under the ChatGPT answer, not a single url worked.

ChatGPT with the WebChatGPT extension gave a more useful answer. It let me know it couldn’t find any recent articles on the impact of AI on SEO, but that it was able to locate several recent AI-related articles and their impact on different industries. I clicked on the sites urls and they all worked and are in fact recently published articles about AI.

This solves two of my problems, getting stale articles and dead links. However, it wasn’t the type of content I was looking for. ChatGPT knowing this, did attempt at the end of its answer to give me a few SEO-related articles, even if not related to the impact of AI. However, I clicked on the two urls and they were dead (that’s why I removed the links on those above).

Web results from the last week using WebChatGPT

Adjusting The Time Range on WebChatGPT

I suspect my issue was my own – I tried to only get current articles from the past week. Let’s expand this out to the past month and see if we get some relevant results.

So with the Past Month selected, it returned just one article. Worse, the description of the article it returned doesn’t match the source url provided. Yikes, this is a mess.

The Incorrect Response From WebChatGPT Below

I apologize, but I could not find 5 recent high-quality articles specifically about the impact of AI on SEO from the provided web search results. However, I was able to find one article that provides some insights on how AI affects SEO:

  1. “How AI is Impacting SEO and What To Do About It” by Jason Hennessey (published on March 16, 2022) [3]. This article explains how AI is changing the landscape of SEO and provides actionable tips on how to adapt to these changes. The author discusses how AI-powered tools can help with keyword research, content creation, and link building, as well as how AI algorithms are affecting search engine rankings.

Final Conclusion

I’m not seeing great results using WebChatGPT, both in volume or quality. I’ll keep playing with it to see if I can get good results, but I may just design my own prompts to get current info from ChatGPT using GPT-4 in the OpenAI Playground.

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