10 Ways to Learn Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT

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Prompt engineering is a way to instruct AI such as chatgpt to produce a specific set of results. With AI on the rise, more companies will start to use chatgpt for everyday task. To help make that transition better here are best 10 ways to learn prompt engineering for chatgpt:

  • Start with learning the basics
  • Familiarize yourself with gpt-4 documentation
  • Experiment with different prompt formats
  • Use pre-built templates
  • Read openai gpt research documentation
  • Join online communities
  • Practice with sample prompts
  • Build small projects
  • Get feedback
  • Keep learning

Starting with the basics of prompt engineering

Before getting into prompt engineering, its very important to learn some of the basic terms you may see a lot of. These terms will help you get a better understanding of prompt engineering:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Deep Learning
  • Pre-Training
  • Fine-Tuning
  • Prompt

Its important to have a strong foundation in these areas before focusing on prompt engineering. This will help improve the learning curve.

Familiarize yourself with GPT-4 Documentation

Openai has a lot of different documentation on how their systems use gpt-4. Getting familiar with openai and how each of their models work will help in making sure you build the best prompts.

Some of the best available documentation familiarize yourself with are:

Experimenting with Different Prompt Formats

When building prompts, depending on the types of information you are trying to obtain, the formatting can be very important. Prompts can be designed in a way in which you use natural language, keywords, or structured data. Here are some examples of these types of prompt formats.

Natural language prompt format

Natural language prompts are just prompts designed in a way its sounds just like your talking to a normal person. For example:

Give me a blog outline for an article that is about seo

Prompts using keywords

When using keywords in your prompts its good to help emphasize what your main topic points are.

Give me a blog outline for an article that is about [seo] and emphasize [5 key points] on how to get to the first page of [google].

I emphasized the keywords with brackets and that is where you could enter your own keywords.

Structured data

Structured data allows for you to output your prompts in a way in which it can easily be understood.

Give me the 2020 month of march’s weather for the city of columbus ohio. Give me the data in a json format using the city, state, temp and day.

Using Prebuilt Templates

Using prebuilt templates helps you get an idea on how other people use chatgpt to get information. There is never one right template for any reason and saving an using prebuilt ones allow for you to adjust them to your liking.

Checkout wordbot’s selection of prebuilt templates to test out with chatgpt.

Reading Openai Research Documentation

Openai has done a lot of research on the area of ai. Although the research documents can be really technical, they provide good insights on what the team is up to.

Online communities allow for you to engage with other like minded people who have the same passion. Connecting with communities allow for you to see the types of prompts that others are trying to create as well.

These groups have a lot of people who have dedicated hours of time to prompt engineering and learning the craft.

Practice with Prebuilt Sample Prompts

Even if you don’t need the prompts for anything particular, using the prompts will allow you to see how chatgpt can respond in certain scenarios. Take some of the existing prompts from Wordbot’s Prompt Category and run them through the Chatgpt Playground.

Build a Small Prompt Engineering Project

In order to learn prompt engineering for chatgpt, having a small project to build will make learning a lot easier. Having a project will allow you to:

  1. Test out how to adjust prompts for various keywords and outputs
  2. Get familiar with combining prompts and utilizing help from other prompt engineers.
  3. Continue to build on the project and share with other members of the community
  4. Help showcase skills for project and future job opportunities.

Get Feedback

Share your post on the different community platforms that you are a part of. The only way to continue to get better at prompt engineering is to have others test and help improve some of the prompts that you are creating.

Keep Learning

When learning prompt engineering, its important to continue to keep learning and getting better every day. Prompt engineering can require a lot of time to fine tune and make your projects and task better.

Try not to do too much in such a short amount of time can lead to burn out. Try setting a set amount of time a side each day, week or month to continue to learn and get better.


So we covered 10 ways to learn prompt engineering for chatgpt. These tips will provide a solid foundation to help become a better prompt engineer. Don’t forget to checkout and follow our ChatGPT Prompt section to continue to get inspiration.

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