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We compare two websites that rewrite pargraphs

There are many websites that reword paragraphs, including our very own However, not all are created equal. Some paragraph rewriting tools use old, dated technology to rewrite content while others use the latest in artificial intelligence. Some are legacy desktop applications and don’t work online, while others are modern websites. Some are newly launched and actively getting investment while others are long past their prime and withering on the vine, only to be shut down once they no longer generate cash.

I like to refer to these two types of websites that rewrite paragraphs as old-school and new-school. Today, we’re going to rewrite some paragraphs using an old-school tool and a new-school tool and compare the results. The old-school tool is going to be the Paraphrasing Tool. The new-school is going to be our very own . Both are websites that rewrite paragraphs (not desktop applications). 

Our format will be the original paragraph, the Paraphrasing Tool paragraph, the Wordbot paragraph, and then the commentary on the results. Let’s get started.

Websites That Rewrite Paragraphs – The Comparison

I chose a few paragraphs from an article about an incoming snow storm hitting much of the U.S. 

The Original Paragraphs

Another winter storm now threatens a large swath of Central and Eastern U.S.

People are bracing for the second bout of winter weather within a week, and this time around, a lot more states are expected to be affected.

The National Weather Service has issued winter storm warnings from Texas counties near the Mexican border stretching northeast to the Great Lakes and along the Canadian border. A National Weather Service map shows a winter storm warning extending to the northern tip of Maine.

The Rewritten Paragraphs – The Paraphrasing Tool

Another colder time of year storm presently compromises an enormous area of Central and Eastern U.S.

Individuals are preparing for the second episode of winter climate inside seven days, and this time around, significantly more states are relied upon to be impacted.

The National Weather Service has given winter storm alerts from Texas areas close to the Mexican line extending upper east to the Great Lakes and along the Canadian boundary. A National Weather Service map shows a colder time of year storm notice stretching out toward the northern tip of Maine.

Websites that reword paragraphs -

The Rewritten Paragraphs –

A new winter storm is threatening a big swath of central and eastern U.S.

People are bracing for more snow and ice in the next few days, and this time around, a lot more states will be involved.

The National Weather Service has warned of winter storms from Texas counties on the Mexican border to the Great Lakes and Canadian borders. The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning clear up to the northern tip of Maine.

Websites that rewrite paragraphs -

Websites that Rewrite Paragraphs | Comparing The Results

First, a bit about each tool. is a very basic, ad-supported free tool. It has one textbox for entering content and one for displaying the results. is a full-featured website that rewrites paragraphs. It has a file system, rich text editor, summarizer, keyword extraction, importing and exporting, and more. Wordbot is not free and has no ads. It offers a 7-day free trial. Currently it is 99 cents per month after the trial, but when it leaves stealth mode it will be more expensive, probably between $4 and $10 per month.

Back to the test at hand. The original paragraphs from NPR were 84 words. The Paraphrasing Tool’s rewrites were 93 words and wordbot’s were 80 words. Looking at the results, one thing is painfully obvious –’s artificial intelligence is old-school and depends much on synonym swaps.’s artificial intelligence is new-school and uses deep machine learning and natural language processing via the gpt-3 transformer. Let’s break this down.

Looking at the Rewritten Headline

Notice in the headline changed “winter storm” to “colder time of year storm”. No one would use this phrase to describe a winter storm. The tool chose the wrong phrase to replace, probably because it was simply swapping in synonyms. On the other hand, knew this phrase was key to the point, so it left it. It instead replaced “another” with “new”, “threatens” with “threatening” and “large” with “big”. All words easily replaced without affecting the meaning or readability of the headline. 

Looking at the Paragraph Rewrites produced some poor wordplay within the second and third paragraphs. It changed “second bout” to “episode”, which technically makes sense but doesn’t sound right within the context. In the end of the paragraph end it changed “expected to be affected” to “relied upon to be impacted”. Similar to the headline word changes, no one speaks this way.

Switching to Wordbot, it didn’t generate any foul sounding wordplay or phrases. It changed “winter storm” to “snow and ice” and “more states are expected to be affected” to “a lot more states will be involved”. It could be argued the wordbot paragraphs sounds more natural and succinct than the ones written by the journalist.

Without delving into it, the third paragraph’s results were similar to the second. did do better with it than the headline and paragraph two, but still turned in less than stellar results while knocked it out of the park.

Out of These Two Websites That Rewrite Paragraphs, WordBot is The Winner

Nothing against these older websites that rewrite paragraphs, but the fact is they’re past their prime. Most are littered with ads and receiving no investment. They use dated technology and AI that although cutting edge 10 years ago, is simply no match for the new wave of technology and AI that is surfacing in 2022. It’s clear from the small test above that is a new-school tool that intends to ride the new wave of websites that rewrite paragraphs by continuing to invest in its AI, user-interface, and feature-set to provide you with the absolute best in paragraph rewriting.

For full instructions on how to use to rewrite paragraphs, you can visit our post with step-by-step instructions including screenshots.

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