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Adam VanBuskirk
10/23/21 in
AI Article Spinning & Rewriting

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Chances are if you’re reading this, you Google’d any one of a number of terms used to describe the process of taking articles and rewriting them using artificial intelligence, or AI.

What is an Article Spinner?

Whether you searched paraphrasing, article spinning, or article rewriting in our book all terms represent the exact same thing – taking a piece of content (often a headline, article, or essay) and changing the words, sentences, and paragraphs to create a new piece of content with the same meaning as the original. This is precisely what an AI Article Spinner does.

Article Spinning vs Article Paraphrasing / Rewriting

There is debate whether spinning is the act of moving words around while paraphrasing is the act of rewriting the article with new words, structure, etc. In our option, AI has changed the game allowing modern spinner tools like our which launched in Fall 2021 to rewrite the content and even generate new content from scratch. Many people still use the term spinner when searching online, so although paraphrasing might be more appropriate, we like to think as spinning, rewriting, and paraphrasing as the exact same thing – taking a piece of content and rewriting it while keeping the original meaning.

Why would someone want to use an article spinner?

You may be wondering, why would anyone want to do the above? Why would they want to use an AI driven article rewriter tool to paraphrase / spin / rewrite an article?On the surface, the functionality seems trivial, but consider the use cases below and you’ll quickly see just how valuable an article spinner can be as a productivity tool. One that saves time and allows professionals to generate more content better and faster.

Let’s talk through some use cases for our AI article spinner


A blogger finds an online article in their space that is attracting lots of organic traffic. They want to write a similar article that targets the same keywords. Instead of doing in-depth keyword research and rewriting the article from scratch, they can use our AI article spinner and rewrite the article within seconds with nothing more than the article’s URL and a single button click.After the article is rewritten, they can further spin specific sections of the article by highlighting the content, right-clicking, and selecting the paraphrase option. They can also replace words from a list of synonyms.That certainly beats spending hours rewriting the article manually!

Virtual Assistant Writing

Virtual assistants and consultants who write articles for others are often paid per article. Imagine you’re hired to write 5 gardening articles for a client. Instead of manually writing those 5 articles, you can find 5 similar articles online and run them through our article spinner. In seconds you rewrote 5 articles and saved yourself enormous amounts of time, allowing you to write more articles and make more money.

Virtual Assistant Language Translation

Now imagine you’re a virtual assistant hired to write an article for a client in a language other than your native language. You can write the article in your native language and then run it through the AI article spinner to transform and translate it into your client’s language. You have taken your writing skills global!


A college student wants to cheat on their assignment by rewriting an existing essay (we don’t condone this). They want to save time and avoid a long night of research and writing. They also want to avoid online essay plagiarism checkers (that professors use). They want the best essay rewriters on the market. A constant battle between them and their teachers to out-AI the other.

Teachers and Professors

Teachers and professors get value from article spinners because they run essays through them to catch the group above; students cheating. Our AI article spinner is the best, so if you’re a professor or teacher, signup today and increase your chances of catching those students looking for a shortcut and an A.

SEO and Marketing Professionals

SEO and Marketing professionals love our AI article rewriter for several reasons. First, when creating articles that are optimized for keywords, article spinning is a great way to test how slight modifications in the article will affect organic traffic. Second, they can use our article summarizer to extract keyword phrases from competing and high-ranking articles. This allows them to then target those keywords in an article of their own. Third, headlines in articles are very important for SEO. Our tool can take their headline and automatically rewrite it many times. They then use the different versions to test which sales copy converts the best.

Software Developers

A developer decides to write a website that summarizes news articles for its customers. The site aims to save its users large amounts of time by allowing them to read summaries of news articles. The developer wants to spend their time designing their website and attracting customers, not creating and understanding AI. By using our APIs in their software, they can let us do the article summarizing and they can focus on what matters most to them – their customers!

Signup for today!

We have customers that fall into all the categories above and then some. Join us and our other customers in saving enormous amounts of time and money by utilizing the absolute best online AI-driven article spinner, rewriter, paraphraser, and summarizing tool on the market.We offer a clean, simple, and attractive user interface with an easy trial and payment plan with hassle free cancellations. We’re also always around to help and would love to hear what features you would like to see added to our tool. The decision is a no-brainer – Signup today and starting spinning articles with our world class AI!

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