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Kevin Sims
3/31/22 in
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There are many reasons for rephrasing English sentences and using Wordbot can help. There are many content creators who rephrase sentences all the time. Students may rephrase sentences for a particular paper they are working on. Bloggers may find themselves rephrasing other content for their blogs to turn it into a new idea. Virtual assistants may work for different companies where their native language may not be English but will find themselves rephrasing English sentences.

You may come across those particular reasons in your day-to-day task, then using a tool like can help translate over 100 languages. Let’s briefly talk about how rephrasing works and can help you, then go into showing how easy it can be to rephrase sentences.

What is Rephrasing a Sentence?

Rephrasing a sentence is when you take content from another source and put it into your own words. This can be done for many reasons such as needing to expand what you’re writing on as a student. Bloggers and virtual assistants may find themselves doing this a lot when looking to rephrase content for their own material.

All of these are great reasons for wanting to use a rephrasing tool like wordbot. One of the biggest problems people may have when it comes to rephrasing English sentences is it not being their native language. Here at Wordbot we seen that as a problem and provided a solution to be able to rewrite content in over 100 different languages.

Rephrasing English Sentences

Once signing up to wordbot you may need to rewrite text in English or another language to help accomplish your daily goals. Here are a couple of examples of how to accomplish that from start to finish. First, once signing up you will want to set your default language to what you will be writing in most of the time.

This will help eliminate having to change this setting to something else each time you need to rewrite content. If you didn’t watch that video above, what I’m basically doing is taking a piece of text that I found from the internet that i want to rewrite and copying it to the editor.

rephrasing english sentences to spanish

I highlighted those words because the word “video” will be added to our list of freeze words we do not want the ai engine to change when rewriting sentences.

add to freeze words wordbot

Now we will go back into the editor and click “Highlight Article” then “Start Rewriting”. As you can see the freeze word stayed in the rewrite unchanged.

freeze words wordbot

We now have a full english to spanish rewrite. Just like that rephrasing english sentences were able to be done in less than 10 minutes of work all in one location. Check out our wordbot 7 day free trial to see how good it works for you.

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