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Looking for the best article rewriter tool online? The rewriter tool that will solve all your problems? Produce the highest quality rewrites? Rewrite a sentence, paragraph, or entire article in seconds? Allow for swapping synonyms as you choose? Use the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered by the almighty GPT-3 engine? Save your work? Share your rewrites? Spin your article into hundreds of revisions with the click of a button? 

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you’re in the right place. Welcome to wordbot.io – the best ai rewriter online. Let us tell you why wordbot’s the best.

What Makes the Best Article Rewriter Tool?

Features are very important for any article rewriter. A high quality tool needs to offer several features that improve the rewriting experience, both in terms of functionality and quality. Let’s review some of those features and how wordbot.io implements them.

A Rewriter Using World Class AI Prompts

The artificial intelligence engine is at the core of any high quality article rewriter tool. We use GPT-3 which is the latest, greatest engine in existence. In addition to the engine, we must design things called prompts that are used to instruct the engine what to do. Much of our time is spent on designing, tweaking, and improving these prompts so the GPT-3 engine returns the highest quality rewrites. The below characteristics are what makes a sentence rewrite high quality.

Article Rewriter Tool GPT-3 AI Prompt

Consistent Rewrites

When people visit McDonalds and order a Big Mac, they know exactly what they’re getting. Now Imagine if every time someone ordered a Big Mac, McDonalds prepared it different than the previous time. Sometimes with one patty, sometimes with two. Sometimes with special sauce, other times with ketchup only. If this were the case, people would quit ordering not knowing what to expect. 

A rewriter tool is no different – consistency is critical in obtaining and keeping customers. People need to know what to expect when rewriting an article. For example, if someone runs two paragraphs with a total of 10 sentences through a rewriter tool, they need to know what to expect. They need to know for each sentence they’ll get three high quality rewrites. Not zero for one sentence, two for another, one for yet another, and so on. They need to know they will get three high quality rewrites for every sentence, time and time again.

On-Topic Rewrites That Hold Their Meaning

Poor prompt design will generate content that tends to wonder off topic. Because of this, we make it a priority to continually improve our prompts so they rarely wonder or ramble. This helps ensure we generate rewritten sentences that hold their original meaning and make sense. 

For example, take the below sentences: 

“The dog trainer parked his car and let the dog out of the passenger seat. Together they began walking down the trail.”

If the user decides to rewrite the second sentence, we can’t have the AI engine thinking “they” refers to “the man and woman”. That would rewrite the sentence as “The man and woman began walking down the trail.” We know from the previous sentence it wasn’t a man and woman, but a trainer (which could be a man or woman) and a dog.

Small subtleties like these are very important and can make all the difference between a low quality and high quality article rewriter tool

Variety of Rewrites

To assist you with getting a high quality, unique rewrite each time wordbot.io will propose three replacement sentences for each sentence being rewritten. You can then review the proposed rewrites and easily choose the best one based on quality and your style of writing. This prevents you from having to run the sentence through the rewriter several times.

Rewriting Speed

Just as speed is critical when loading a web page, quickly generating rewrites is critical to the user experience. There is no value in waiting for things to load. We design our prompts with speed in mind and use the GPT-3 engine that offers the best speed quality combination.

A Tool to Rewrite an Article, Paragraph, or Sentence

wordbot.io’s article rewriter tool offers great flexibility when choosing which content to rewrite within your article. You can rewrite any sentence by placing the cursor in it, any selection by highlighting the content, or the entire article – all by clicking a few buttons.

After choosing the content to rewrite, the sentence box will appear. This box allows you to step through each sentence being rewritten. For each sentence, three proposed sentences will appear. You can click the sentence you wish to swap with the original and then move on to the next sentence. You can navigate backward and forward to change your selections at any time. Once done, simply close the sentence box and your article will be rewritten with the chosen sentences.  

Article Rewriter Tool Sentence Box

A Tool to Swap Synonyms in Your Article

We don’t have this feature yet, but will soon. It’s on our product roadmap. We’ll offer the ability to quickly swap words with synonyms. We’re not sure how we’ll implement it yet, but the goal is to allow you to replace as many words as you choose as fast as possible. All with recommendations from the AI engine.

Easily Import, Save, Export Your Rewrites

You can easily import, save, and export your content all from within wordbot.io‘s rich text editor. The editor provides a single, simple place to do all your important work like importing, exporting, editing, and rewriting. Once your work is completed and saved, you can easily manage your rewrites by using the file system to create folders and organize your work.

Article Rewriter Tool Organize Files

Our Editor Makes Rewriting Easy

As mentioned above, our editor makes rewriting a cinch. The editor is a rich text editor, allowing you to format text, create paragraphs and lists, include links and photos, and much more. When you want to rewrite, simply click the text transform button, select your content, and begin rewriting. 

Article Rewriter Tool Editor

An Article Rewriter Tool to Spin Articles

Coming soon we will have an article spinning feature. You’ll be able to spin a single article, paragraph, or selection into dozens or even hundreds of variations at the click of a button. The feature will be great for bloggers and other content generators that need to periodically refresh their content with minimal time and effort.

We Hope You’re Convinced Wordbot is the Best Article Rewriter Tool Online

We believe the above features make wordbot.io the absolute best article rewriter tool on the internet and hope you do too. Get started today by visiting the pricing page and start your free 7 day trial today. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more affordable article rewriter tool that rewrites as good as wordbot.io, so take advantage today! 

Thousands of others have. Adios.

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