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The entire article below, which is VERY long, is an automated rewrite (with manual editing where it made sense) of an article from a paraphrasing website. Many sections of it was originally written in broken English, unrecognizable, and poorly structured and phrased. I wanted to post it on here as rewritten by as a test for myself using wordbot to essentially rewrite a barely legible 5,000 word article from an old-school (meaning old AI technology) competitor. I apologize for its length and not everything in it will necessarily make sense regarding wordbot as the next generation of paraphrase online paraphrasing tools, but wordbot did do an outstanding job of doing the impossible – rewriting a terribly written article to be more legible.

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Paraphrase Online

The Best Sentence, Paragraph, and Article Paraphrasing Software Online!

Last year, while doing due diligence on a possible business purchase, we accidentally stumbled into the world of websites that paraphrase online text and online paraphrasing tools. As of part of the diligence process into the business, we searched the Internet for good text rephrasers and although we found many available tools, we found none which could rephrase paragraphs correctly.

We ultimately passed on the paraphrasing business and made the decision to create the best English paraphrasing tool. A tool that would be capable of rewriting any text. A paraphrase maker, reword generator, and ai article rewriter that will actually rephrase and rewrite text that is semantically correct, human readable, and better quality than the majority of humans can create.

With, there’s no other text generator that provides better content. It rewrites essays and articles, phrases, sentences and single words in no time. With online paraphrasing, you can quickly transform text for a website, blog, business document, or whatever you need. But be careful – without appropriate references, your rewording could be seen as copyright violation and we don’t support plagiarism. If you’re a teacher, student, writer, blogger, SEO Professional, or anyone else who writes content and could use help with your work, this software was made for you.

Paraphrase Online Easier Than Every With Wordbot!

Easy – Fast – Accurate – Affordable

How does a paraphrase website work?

To create a paraphrase, one must maintain the meaning and ideas of the original content while using their own words to express someone else’s messages or ideas. To paraphrase without plagiarizing, the ideal thing to do is to replace as many words from the original text as possible. Our online paraphrasing tool will help you get this done while rewriting the text in seconds. All while avoiding plagiarism.

Wordbot’s Paraphrase Online is a website that can be used for automatic text rewriting. AI that includes deep machine learning and natural language processing enables the rewording of phrases, expressions, and even entire paragraphs, papers, essays, and articles. It transforms the text into a more accurate paraphrase without changing its original meaning. The concept of the software is similar to that of many translators available on the Internet.

After entering text into the rich text editor, just press the “Paraphrase” button and your new content will be presented to you in the form of several paraphrased sentences. You no longer have to search for synonyms word by word anymore. All you need to do is type or paste the text you want paraphrased, and the website will do the work for you. However, if you don’t like the results, or you think you could find better words to express yourself, you can regenerate the paraphrases or edit the text manually. This is an invaluable tool whether you’re using Wordbot for school, work, or any other reason.

Paraphrase Online and Improve Your Article’s SEO Value

If you have a content-based website, a key part of attracting users is having interesting, well written, keyword optimized content that people are searching for. Software that can paraphrase online while keeping SEO keywords in the text, such as, can help website keep their content well written and keyword optimized.

More and more people are discovering the benefits of using these online paraphrasing tools to rewrite content . These people are generating even more SEO-optimized articles and unique content their sites. This additional high quality unique content drives more traffic and helps keep website visitors happy, engaged, and on websites longer.

When copying content to use on your website and attract more visitors, you have be aware of possible legal issues, including if you are copying that content from other websites. The content might be protected by copyright. Lack of appropriate consent may be associated with severe fines, including financial penalties, and even removal of your entire website from the Internet. To avoid plagiarism issues, it’s important to use good paraphrasing tool like Wordbot’s Paraphrase Online website. Running your rewritten content through a free plagiarism checker can also be a great idea.

Ensuring content remains unique when created by an article spinner or online paraphrasing tool keeps you legally safe and your content SEO-friendly. Remember though, never publish copies of other people’s content. This creates legal and ethical issues and is bad for SEO as your content will get tagged as duplicate content and your website possibly penalized by Google.

How to Rewrite an Essay Using Paraphrase Generator

The essay can be a philosophical, ethical, or aesthetic consideration in which the author shares her reflections with the reader. There are no specific rules to composition. Sometimes the essay is critical, presents the perspective of the author, or goes lighter. The subject matter can include culture, art, science, politics, social issues, philosophy, etc. It seems that it would be easy to write an essay, because it can be anything about anything.

However, this isn’t true which is why a paraphrase online generator or article rewriter tool can greatly help. Essays typically have some rules, which are mainly a collection of tips. For example, what should not be done in an essay. The key thing to remember when writing an essay is to present your own perspective. The essay is not for moralizing – you only have to present your opinion, do not try to convince the recipient that you are right. Your task as an author is not to exhaust the topic or summarize it in any binding way – you only have to outline the problem you are exploring and make the viewer reflect on it. The subject of the essay is thus somewhat open. Use a literary tone. The structure and content of an essay are important, but it’s also important to use the correct tone and language in your essay. Before you start writing, think about what cultural references you can apply and quotes you can use in the text.

How to Rewrite an Article for the Online Medium

A journalistic article is a work which portrays the author’s position on social, political, economic or cultural problems. In various ways, such as through argumentation, the commentary tends to shape the reader’s opinion.

The article has an introduction that makes a thesis with an article body that goes over the arguments for proving the thesis. The article’s ending then presents the author’s summary of their position. In the article, a thought should result from the previous one. The arguments should be consistent and complementary of each other. The author of the article has to put forth a sufficient number of arguments in support of his or her thesis. If they are too few or too weak, she risks not reaching her goal and losing credibility. wordbot’s paraphrasing tool can help with the process of rewriting the article.

Website SEO Using Paraphrase Online Tools

Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complicated undertaking. It is the execution of many tasks spread over several weeks, months, and years and when done right can be very effective and long lasting. To reach as many potential customers as possible, your website needs to rank high, preferably having the top position, for your desired key phrases. You should match keywords with the needs of users who seek your services or products. You should analyze not only your website, but also your competition – so as to learn the best set of phrases. When you’ve finished your SEO audit and analyzed the competition’s websites, you should write content for your website that is saturated with the correct key phrases. Wordbot Paraphrase Online is an online tool which can help greatly with this. Quality content is a key factor for both Google and the user.

What does the word and process “Paraphrase” mean?

So what does paraphrase (or rephrase) mean? It’s a fundamental way of analyzing sentences, developing and changing one’s thoughts, or the rewording the content of a specific text. For example, the sentences “The boy and girl swam in the city pool” and “the kids were swimming in the public pool” mean exactly the same thing, but are structurally different. Kids replaces boys and girls while public and city both refer to a swimming pool that is readily available to the general population. The words and even order are quite different, but the sentences both hold the same idea and meaning. This is a great example of how you can copy content, paraphrase it, but not plagiarize it. If you took the first sample sentence and paraphrased it into the second, you would not be plagiarizing as the sentences are quite different. They clearly express the same idea, but in much different words.

The term paraphrase can also represent a communication tool that is used to improve the clarity of one’s writing. Paraphrase online can also be used in literary work to develop, rework, reword, and accurately describe a give text by improving the delivery while preserving the meaning. Paraphrase can also mean to take meaningful notes while listening to a speech, educational session, conference call, or any other event where the listener is paraphrasing the speaker’s message.

Quoting and Paraphrasing

Appealing to source materials by literally quoting the words of others is a staple when writing research papers, current events news, and more. It is also difficult to imagine a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis in which the student would not refer to outside sources for information. Literal quotes are one way to refer to source material, but paraphrasing is another great approach. You can paraphrase the information from the source and then simply include a blurb about it coming from them, such as “according to Mark at, paraphrasing is key to the critical writing process”.

The Best Free Text Rewriter and Online Paraphrase Generator

Organic traffic grows as high-quality, keyword optimized, original, and newly updated articles, blog posts, marketing material, and other online content is published. Plagiarism causes poor SEO rankings because it lacks relevancy, readability, and consistency across the whole material. If you use someone else’s words without their permission, that could be harmful to your SEO. Remember that Google can easily identify plagiarism, so verify your material using a plagiarism checker before posting it on your site. To succeed, sites must avoid plagiarism at all costs. Learn what plagiarism is and what you can do if your website gets removed from search engines. Remember, plagiarism is ethically bad too.

Rephrasing Content using An Online Paraphraser

Many people don’t know the ins and outs of paraphrasing. Have you ever attempted to rewrite a piece and found that you lacked the ability to rephrase it? Paraphrasing is an important skill for both doing assignments and getting work done. It can be frustrating and time consuming to write the same thing over and over again. The paraphrase online tool makes it a cinch. With a paraphrasing tool, the AI allows those without skill to rewrite sentences with ease. To keep their company’s online presence alive, online marketers are frequently charged with writing blog entries, social media posts, sales copy and more.. These days it’s hard to find time to create all of the content for these projects when you have so many responsibilities. This is where an online paraphrasing tool can help. One of the most popular ways to create content is by paraphrasing. All different types of people, but especially students and researchers, need to look at multiple websites for information about a specific subject. They would rather paraphrase a subject into their own words than simply provide literal quotes. Paraphrasing is the word that describes the entire process. Online websites have emerged as a result of technological advancements that can complete this process automatically and supply you with distinctive material in minutes.

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